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Gah what do I put here
So I'm Kaimera, I'm getting this for another place to shows my arts-y farts-y skills to people (or lack there of) and because my friend needs me to give her some drawing tips for a few pages for her webcomic because she can't and is having trouble with it!

So something about me Homestuck = addiction (mainly Sollux and Rose (top two) and then Dave, Kanaya, Aradia, and Karkat are my faves)
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I approve of your time being spent in school drawing this comic for us :D so considerate

have a wonderful break and as Pat15 says
and a Pokefun new year
October 6th, 2011
1: Fem-Charlie is so pretty!
2: You are the best character. End of story.
3: I kind of spazzed at my computer when I saw Eridan and Basil bein' bros. Because it's Eridan.

4: Can't wait to see more pictures of kind of randomness
Lucy looks creeped out on Lucas' shoulders.

And this love triangle should be quite interesting. Six flags should be fun.
Coffee has two 'e's in it :D
I feel bad for Lucy. To get straight A's, to be kind of deadly-but-cute, to have parents that are always busy, and have very few friends, it hurts.
Hug that little girl.
Hug her like your life depends on it.
This is extremely entertaining (sorry but it is)
And while I hate to see you leave when you update again it makes me smile :D
Flo and Alice are really a ship that will never be ;3;

People have beaten me to correcting spelling errors
baawwwwww ;3; <3
Awwww *gives Reg a hug*

And hey Charlie, he is back! He disappeared for a while there.

For humans on the other hand, you draw them all so beautifully there is no way I'm deciding who I like best.
Keep it up ^-^
"Sweetie... Uncle Reggie... hun..."

Reg you are wonderful

And thank you for the many updates ^-^ I start school in 10 days >.< fun
I need to talk to CC when she gets back so she can update the webcomic we're working on like crazy before we go back to school. I'll see what I can do about that but I don't know anything for certain.
*applauds slowly
Waayy to go Alice.

he just got I think 800 times more awesome
I love these guys, they're great. You are wonderful
That would make us all extremely happy and alkfaklshdkjak

heheheh oh Devi
August 22nd, 2011
Okay Eric is by FAR my favorite character and he gets the best lines. I love this comic, it's really cute and sweet.
... I'm sorry I have to say this.

That is so damn adorable /kitchen sink'd
Oh man. If someone said to me or to CC "WAIT YOU'RE A GIRL?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WOULD HAVE ASKED YOU OUT?!" I'm pretty sure that they would be either roundhoused kicked to the end of the world or punched through the space-time continuum and into a calendar about horses that is about to expire and be thrown out.

As a side not the only reason this would ever happen is because we dun got big chests.
That's cool then. The outfit is going to be so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous isn't it?
I love the updates! I have to really tell CC when she gets back to update PZ like nuts before school starts up again... in 10 days...

Oh Flo. You remind me of a guy I used to hang out with. Except that guy was straight and a jack@@@
I've got some bathtubs I can throw through a wall if you need that to hit you.