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I ish very pretty and funny.
I'm moar prettier than u.
JK JK I'm ugly as shit XD
I am funny tho, and I'm a good listener so strike up a talk with me. :) chances are I'll be nice and reply unless I'm away from the PC((OMFG))
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August 20th, 2011
x3 -pokes wolf with a stick- poke poke poke
virginity is mine =3=
but he does have a cute butt D':
tunnel of love xDDD or maybe a haunted house? :D
August 18th, 2011
nuuu D; help the wolffff bunneh-san x'D then get eaten up in gratitude :'D
o.o i am reading this and eating a subway sandwhich at the same time XDDD this is epic
August 11th, 2011
and aint it fun to watch figure skaters, FALLIN ON THEIR ASSES!!?~
o.o ... O.O ... :| ... :/ ... :) ... :3 ... >3

those are the exact faces i just made i swear XD
im so jealous of the patience you must have ToT i just draw a bunch of little boxes XD
e,e 102%
>3 so where exactly is his hand goin'?
wimpy cain cant even cut off a chunk of his own skin -A-
i just realized that they kind of look like zack and roxas from ff7 and kingdom hearts :O
NUUUUU TuT the next button disappeareddddd
grope grope grope grope
XD Marco
XD i dont even have anything to say
It's ok taiki :O no one minds XD
XD daisuke...