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hey what you think of me, is what I am, after all it's your opinion of me, but I'll tell you this, I'm a puzzle to many, or so many people have told me, they jsut can't figure me out.
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Omg that was liek Sob sob ... D:
lol I love it

I totally squealed when I saw the last panel lol so cute ^_^
HAHA love it he doesnt know he's flirting, its just soooo cute <3 ^_^ ~_^
what thats it omg i need more u have addicted me!
awwwwww ... thats so cute!
lol .. I like the second last panel XDD lol
O/////////O AWSOME =D
AHHHHHHHHHHH first gay thing i looked at in weeks >< lol
September 14th, 2007
XL I have't read any comics since I met mah boy joe O_O this is so refreshing!!!
omg look at that hat lol
this is why I avoid any sort of large gatherings, that are held in public places. - -
omg he's a hott drawing xD
aww lol it's so funny and cute haha. blackmailing teacher of thats great lol.
aww I wanna read this so bad but I can see the damn page the computer won't let me T_T anywayi'll be back later to check it out lol hope it works >>
I'm rooting for the cat xD yay!!!
that antalope names tom right?....anyway his outfit is way funny but cool :D
wait I'm lost ^^;; so umm did they skip years or something o_o......perhaps a side story but i highly doubt it - -;; considering it says chapter three, perhaps a dream? I dunno but the art work is as nice as ever