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Sup wegros.

I'm Aiden McEwin, a student living in the city of Brisbane, Australia.
I do part time work in construction, and in year 10 of high school.

I have a big interest in art, animation, music, skate boarding, and wondering why the FUCK you're reading this.

I'm one of the "Orgys," an evil plot by Beany to form a group of "Old Smack Jeeves members."
We plan to take over Haiti. Shouldn't be too hard.
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    Aiden McEwin
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Pretty cool work for a German.
Read above.
Cool. Now make more sex.
Darn. I've been away from Jeeves so long, I'm not in the know of all these things. Wish I was here in time for this.

It still rocked though, awesome work to all the contributers!
I think you should puke on him again.

You know, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke the first time.
"Screw you McEwin."

I think we should like, strip him down and dress him in a SHOPPING BAG.

My brain is so ownage.
We must save him! Time to get relevant tools for this task!

Screwdriver, I choose you!
This comic is like...

A random awesomeness generating machine.
We should sell it to someone CHINESE.
That manga isn't really a problem, it's more all the... wussy... manga. I need more funny and shootings than romance in my day to day life.
Nice one, man. I haven't read R101 in a while, but in my honest opinion I like this comic better. It certainly has some better jokes in it. Good work!
Sup my guh-nigh-uh!

If you don't get that, remember I have two NUKES pointed towards your house.
My god...
I only just realised you were updating again from your post on Sus4 Life. God damn, I feel like setting the person on fire who forgot to tell me this is updating again!
Yay for Jeeves.
It's awesome you've come back. I recently came back a few weeks after Caz... I think the site needs more of the old members.
The fuck shit cock cunt WTFBBQ??!!?
Last chapter?

You always take away everything I love! *emo*
Pfft. I've quit The Bitchy Loser a good three or four times, once isn't going to hurt Oyer.
My lord!
I don't care it not a new comic, it's just awesome to see Oyer again!
I also think going on update breaks is the new trend here on Jeeves.
The world must be ending.
You're back?!
Finally! Really nice picture, too.
August 21st, 2006
Hatorade is strong within this one, me thinks.