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Kryo Shardana
I'm from Italy but as long as I can I prefer to speak english. I draw manga, and I want to publish some of my works as soon as possible :D My biggest dream, ambition, objective is to become a professional mangaka. Meanwhile I'm engaging myself to achieve this important goal ;)

[Still I don't have any available work to publish here, but very soon I'm gonna post everything :D It's just, you know... When I discovered this site I couldn't resist and I had to sign in immediately xD]
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    Paola Loi
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GREAT panel ;D
LOL He almost broke his wrist x┬░DDD
OMG awesome!! **
Wooowww!! Very unexpected, I thought that the hairclip was something important, of course, but I didn't thought at all it could have helped someone to find her ** I want to read more! >w</
AAAAAAHH I want to read more!! >///< I love greek mythology and your drawings are just.. *Q*/
I love lil' Zeus *___* And when he made his father drink the potion I was like--> O.O and then I was like--> OMGCAN'TBELIEVETHATIT'SHISFATHERHECAN'TDOTHAT- Oceanus is so cool! XD
Congrats **
Oh my, 'The Reids' is very cool *__* And to say that I'm not used to read this kind of stories.. xD Also my first name is the same as one of the characters (Paola) XD I really identify myself with Emily, cuz I have some very bad grades because of my lack of study (I prefer to draw ^^") And I really love how Bob doesn't care at all about what people think about Emily *w* He likes her just because she's herself *_*
And I also like your style of drawing, it's very original and it's not like the classical shoujo manga with enormous eyes and all too much sweetness XD Very good job **