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I really liked that old style <3
Glad to see you back :D I'll always wait for your boys ❤
Aaaand in the lower right corner we have Walter White in disguise shopping for barrels (y) <3
Looks great so far! Just one advice - fonts should be white on so dark purple colour :) It’d be much easier to read
Oh gosh, that’s a WONDERFUL NEWS!! I missed this comic so much, those derps are so adorable <3 Can’t wait to see more and welcome back!!
Your comeback is one of the best news this month! <3 It's always worth the wait
Breaking Bad <3
Good start :)
I so do :)
@Dedmerath I wanted to write the same thing when I saw the page xD
Merry Christmas Tatouji :D Thanks for sharing Noisome with us :)
Awww at last new issue!~ LoveLoveLove <3
Beautiful landscape <3
@Zombie Cinnamon Coffee: Oh, I'm sorry! I thought I'm able to add to paypal only a credit card but I was wrong :)
And don't worry, it's ok :) English is not my native either ;)
Question 'bout patreon - what can I do if I have paypal but only debit not credit card? :C
Owwww... Pleasurable moment but man... That must've hurt D: his poor wings
And Abel is drinking and drinking and drinking... <3
Ehart looks like a real stalker <3
Sincere congrats! :D
And good to read "Why me?" will be back :D Love your style and can't wait to see more arts <3