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Love types normally, just...With a lot...Of pauses... Yeah.

Eyes types normally, but always has an emotion in her sentance. c: Her grammer is terrible at times, her mouth/fingers are the foulest of the three. 0_0

Bright types like he's high as a RAINBOWWWW- he uses no periods and stuff and always does at least one run-on sentance (Ironic for a writer)
Fourherlove is Love's account, made on an act of boredom.
Eyes joined in to keep up in comics. (As her old account isn't working/password was forgotten and she's lazy)
Bright is thrid who joins, he wanted to write stuff.
(Also to bug the shit out of us. :I)
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    We've got three people on here.
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LOL. Yes eat the terrifying dolls. xDD

I love the character page you added in. :D <3
Ohhhh~ Gloom <3

Aha, Gloom should have just bought everything there. XD
OH GOD. HAHAHA. XD These pages are just wonderful. <3
And that icon. Oh gosh, your icon. I just got out of nice winter slump. <3 <3
Thank you for the wonderful updates. <3 c:
I wish I could do magic... Like Harold, candy forever. :'D
Assistant's just so adorable. <3
PFFFF- I can't get enough of Hotaru, he just so adorable. xDDDD <3
October 11th, 2011
Who's that pokemon! xDDD
I can't wait to see what happens next. <3 Good work. <3