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Madam Lemon
September 19th, 2011
Super love this page. Especially the sonuvabitch/squee part.
If you truly love someone you allow them to be themselves. If he really loves you he'll ask you to tell him your interests, dreams, aspirations- and he'll try to make them come true to the best of his ability.

Of course, your goals can;t be as selfish anymore, no when you're trying to plan a life around a family or someone else. If your goals never change then you both end up chasing what is good for only one person while the other ones heart withers and dies from lack of loving nourishment and encouragement.

He'll enjoy your different quirks because that's what he fell in love with. Not a mindless drone that agrees with everything he says. There's trust and honor and bonding of the soul that happens in relationships (more so after sex) that shouldn't be trifled with or broken.
is seconded.