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AAAAAND We're back
Sorry for not updating for so long, i keep forgetting i have this comic, oh well, enjoy the late by one day Christmas Special!
We're back!
I'm gonna try to update more often now, okay?
New comic!
New comic up

edit: I took down the link, sorry! but you know where to find some people's other comics, right?
Something to go with the comic coming soon
That Riolu will be featured in something that will go with the comic i've been planning...

Edit: what goes with the comic coming soon will come after a certain point
Did anyone get my request from last time?
i wanted it in advance
The next treasure would be the falcon helmet (captain falcon's helmet) then one of the kirbies that found it puts it on then falcon punches the other kirby
I need a recolored plazma kirby without the hat and the color scheme is basically what happens when kirby eats Mr. Game and Watch in SSBB, take your time, i was kinda needing it in advance, and the plasma is black too
Oh, yeah
there was 2 letters in by sonic the spiderhog (mfan) they were not answered as repeat mails (mail from the same person 2 times or more) will not count
Some Stuff...
Waddle Dee Inc. Makes the comics, also Kirby Comic is a comic i draw in school, yeah, that's why i don't update this early! but anyways, the two letters not seen...

Do you think Scourge is really anti-you but from a difrant timeline; and if you could tern Fleetway-sonic to the good side what would have him do?


Can you go in an explosion, and somehow live?


and yes, you can still sen Fielocity Letters!
Just a reminder!
There's gonna be a new comic soon not telling you when though! stay tuned to Sonic gets Mail as when it's up i'll provide a link!
Informative Thingy
This might not be the last time Sonic Gets Mail has a user in the comic; also scroll down if you haven't done what i said last time or read my anouncement on #25
I just wanted to draw sonic as a yoshi, Anyway, for the people that didn't read my comment yesterday, scroll to the right
Hey, You guys!
Mail man was late with Smugleafdoofus3's Mail, that's why Smugleafdoofus3's Mail never showed up, Here it is!

"Can you give Kirby a bomb?"

Ok, now back to the big announcement, here's the news, edited to be up to date and to add info

There will be a new comic,
Up probably on March 14th or earlyer, might be tommorrow or on April 2, not going to tell you much about it! but i will only tell you that it has a plot and the comics will be published when there is a SGM and When there isn't
Lots of new characters!
Wow,these characters are coming in like a flood! Need to stop it!
Woo! Popstar!
Today And tomorrow Sonic will answer you... From Popstar, in deh milky way galaxy
Here's a cat for you
Based him of garfield, but hates tuesday, and is blue
Who is that fat cat?
Why, I'm not telling you 'til next episode! Well sonic is, actually By the way, Tails and sonic's heads in the last 2 panels were edited slightly by me
This comic is DRAWN! No sprites today AND! I'm using the Garfield font! Woah!
Copy righted lol
Garfield belongs to whoever he belongs to, he'll be here for a while too! (Maybe)