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About me? Hm. Well I like dragons, fantasy, drawing, comics (duh), metal, booze...

Oh, wait. I haven't introduced myself yet.

My name's Izzy, but I go be 'Drakhenliche' everywhere online. Type my name into a search engine and I'll turn up like a bad smell. I work in the Pharmaceutical industry but am a fantasy artist at heart, with a particular emphasis on dragons and the darker side of my chosen genre.

The main focus of my work is my project 'The Daemonslayers' and the ravaged world upon which it is set, 'Tymaera'. I'm a bit of a world builder and there's tonnes of information on it on my website *points at link*

That's all for now. If you want to know more (you must have too much time on your hands!) then just ask :P
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I suppose being saved from a surprise attack makes up for the indignity of being shoved on one's arse. Just about.
Srsly. Look behind you before you let your guard down!
I had far too good a time drawing this.
Sorry. I'm not dead, honest.
Oops! Thanks for pointing that out - Typo corrected :)
SKitFox - hey thanks! Glad you're liking it. And I have to say bastards make the most fun characters to write :D
Apologies for the hiatus. I wanted to get ahead with chapter 3 so I don't catch up on myself too fast.
I did have a go at colouring this page but in the end decided it looks better in black and white.
plus an early update 'cos I'm so happy about this getting Spotlighted :-)

Alas I can't do every page in colour but I'll try to squeeze out the occasional one.

Cave - ah, sweet! Glad ta hear you're enjoying it so far. I'm having a blast drawing/telling this story so 'tis grand to hear someone else gettin' owt out of it.
heh, and re the magical flying unicorn - I like a bit of irony ;)
Love that closeup of her eye!
And now for something completely different
ok, not that different since it's still Daemonslayers-related but it's a different story... just a short, simple one that's giving me an excuse to get my teeth back into black and white (though I may tone it later) and experiment a bit with more 'free form' layouts along with more practice drawing Shade.
It's not ready to post the actual comic yet so for now here's a couple of pages minus text ;)

ps. next page of 'Heritage over the weekend, this is just random filler.

.. and yup, the proper pages will be bigger when I post 'em ;D
Sorry, no colour this time. There's another colour page coming up later (and won't that be something to look forward to, boys and girls.. oh, wait, sarcasm doesn't really work in typing).

Good news is I've finally finished chapter 2 (22 pages though obviously it's not all online yet.. If, however, you feel you may soil yourself if you don't see what happens next asap I'll just point out that gets the new pages before DD or here), so I should be able to get the updates a bit more regular as of now.
Cool! Looking good so far.
Wish I had the time to colour every page... but alas my updates are slow enough as it is :D

Though Blackjack'd probably sooner die than admit out loud his loyalty to Shade and Soul (not in the least because in the kind of circles he's always lived in, such personal attachment is viewed as a weakness to be exploited), someone threatening them is a sure fire way to make him mad... Still, in the presence of an oversized b*stard like Ember, one needs to exercise restraint XD
Just wanted to say I'm enjoying this so far :)
A bit of inter-chapter art - Shade, with his wereform in the bg.

I promise I'll start uploading chapter 2 soon ;)
A bit late
A wee bit late for a cover, so lets just call it an out-tro to chapter1 :D
A big thumbs up for what you've shown us so far!
Ooh, awesome so far!
Krugos - heh, I'd love to do the whole thing in colour, but I'd go utterly insane!!

H0lyhandgrenade - *bows* thanks very much! I'll try'n'keep it up ;)
April 6th, 2007
This is really cool so far! I'm enjoying the art and story so I'm just gonna have to fav it and look forward to more :D