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Regular Artist. LOL. Nothing special.
I rarely go on this account so message me on deviantart. lol I'm not a serious comic artist, but I do love each of my characters... haha so don't take the stuff I write seriously X'D

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Since Inkblazers shut down, I moved the revamp to Taptastic! Please check it out!
August 4th, 2014
So I've started a revamped version of this one-shot on my Inkblazers! So you can read it here! ang=en

Thanks for the support!
This brings the end of Chapter 2!
Meet Egg Tart! ( )
Meet Flan!
( )
Meet Flan!
( )
Meet Raspberry Donut-kun!
( )
Here's Ras! (more on him next comic)
The beginning of Chapter 2! Four new characters will be introduced!
This brings the end to the first chapter!
Dialogue?? What's that?? idk grammar and wording omg
Introducing Pizza Dessert-kun! (he doesn't have an askblog wwwwwww)
Meet Hershey! ( )
Meet Hershey Pie-kun! ( )
Introducing Kei! ( )
Basically the premise! Everything else will be stupid adventures with other characters and Reo/Kari themselves wwwww
Have fun understanding what's going on LOL
It's mostly going to be a webcomic on how Reo and Kari's troubles and small adventures around the town, including odd encounters with some people's charas.

I might upload the prequel comics (such as how Reo and Kari met and balh) but not sure about that.

But yeah! We'll see what happens...
@larad555: Yeah, in a way, it is! I made this cause I finally realized I'm "soooo" over him lol.

Hahaha! Thank you!////