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I am a 26 year old otaku!
That's what you call an obsessive fan of something, and here in the states it's more commonly directed at those who are nerdy about manga and anime!! Woot!

I love yaoi,yuri,shonen,shoujo, and just about every genre there is except hardcore hentai.

My favorite foods are japanese/chinese cuisine, instant ramen, pocky, and anything chocolate! I also enjoy odd food snacks like dried's high in iodine and it's good stuff okay? Sheesh...

Currently living and working in Arizona. No other plans at the moment!

By day, I am a caregiver, and by night, I am a notorious watcher of anime and Netflix! (Also addicted to webcomics)

Also, still working on comic ideas...hopefully I'll have something this year.

Ta-tah for now my peeps!!
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I also have insomnia. There are melatonin supplements one can take, but I prefer using homeopathic or natural remedies. What I'm using now is a supplement that is a combination of melatonin, valerian root, and chamomile. It's by a brand called Nature's Measure. Besides that, going to a natural foods store that specializes in homeopathic remedies is a good place to start. Hope this helps some!
the note did me in, i'm beyond hooked with this comic!!
I think her and the abuela from kaito and shuno would get along great!! pfffft!!!
Definitely do it!! And, can I have a pair?
That last panel is so me, it's ridiculous!
i seriously doubt that is the case tobi!!
Lovin' the mood hon! You should do water colors more often, it has a very nice appeal to it!
is that paint on the doll, or is it an effect?
@Crimson Chains: Love the chibi forms, you should make them regulars!! So cute!!
It's been forever since I had my computer and internet!! I've really missed you and the boys Angel!!

Oh my gawds....that last scene just about caused me to squeal!! and I'm in public, bad idea!! note to self, don't squeal in burger king...don't!!
I love how your playing the characters with their original personalities intact! And the art is lovely as always! Very crisp yet comfortable too!
It's okay, Gerald being cute is more than enough, he's adorkable!!
Yep, but it's sure to get a bit deeper soon!!
@Cesario: okie dokie
@angelperez: Doesn't that make just one of the things that we love about him? And how much he teases and annoys his Kaito with it? Excited that your posting pages again!! *jumps up and down for joy*
It was well worth the wait! I'm loving the progress of the story so far, the color is pleasing to the eyes, and the details are spot on!!
loving the story so far!! can't wait to read more!! and the king is awesome!!
@ered: that is awesome! happy april fools!!
@stripepanther1989: Actually, I find his tat work to be quite stellar. . . and really hot.