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A total sweet tooth)) Fond of romantic anime and manga as well as BL. Sometimes draw, but my inspiration is quite nasty, so all depends on the mood.
Yay, Bettencourt hotel live!
That was so awkward TOT
a bit late but still hope you like it)
September 23rd, 2012
So the break is over and I'm going on with this comics)
I'll be uploading once a week, usually on Saturdays-Sundays.
I'll also redraw some of the previous pages, and new ones from now on will be colored!!
Such an exciting story! Love the way you place panels and agree - the pace is perfect)
Hm...just a guess, but the middle panel reminded me a bit of Beatrice from Umineko no naku koro ni)
I've decided to change the main programme I'm drawing in to SAI ^_^
@Andrea C.Castro: Well, there hasn't been any actual storyline shown yet, but thanks a lot ^__^ Of course I'll read it, I'm always for a good read))
Wow, I've read this one in a gulp ^___^ I really like your style, so cute and a bit of retro-manga style sometimes *O* Awaiting the update :3
I'm a little busy right now but I'll still try to update once a week at least >.< I know you are already tired of all the excuses))
I could criticize a lot on composition, proportions and so on on every aspect...But I just luv this comic. And that's all I have to say ^^ So don't give up on it and do your best =^___^=
it's a famous korean song by popular group Super Junior))
If you are interested here is the MV ^_^
and now go to the very first page and compare with how he used to look five years ago ^__^ Both of the charas've changed quite a lot) Ok, this ends the profile section, in the next chapters i'll do more profiles though)
and here is our main heroine. That's how she looks with an actual smile on her face)) And her hair are brown, although depending on the light they may look a bit red)
After a short break here I am ^__^ Sorry for the wait, had some trouble with both my studies and inspiration >.<
There must be another secret, idea to it, Lucky is just panicking because he actually doesn't know anything at all))
Will it be her salvation or doom?)))
Thanks for the wait and sincere apologies for the lateness >.<
This time it's two pages, and there is only one page left until the end of the prologue))
Hope you'll like it))
Agree, this comic is just so cutadorable >.< !!! Almonds *__*
Well, it's the first time I've put so much effort into the background))