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Happy birthday! Have a great day!
I love the updates! It's really getting interesting!
Damn......that 's hot!
Great!!! What kind of advice will Richard offer?????
I love the look on Liam's face!! Looks like a deer in the headlights!!
Oh...they are soooooo sweet!!!
Ah haa haa! What's up with Metis's bad attitude??
Great way to end the chapter!
Wow...this page was quite unexpected!! Awesome!
Oh that is sooooo sweet!
Josh...go run after him and kiss him!!!!!
He's adorable when he blushes!
I agree with the others--it's creepy and cute!
I sooooo love this manga. It's an awesome story and you are a great artist!
Great page! Looking forward to finding out why he's waiting for him there!!!