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Lol I love the last panel x3
It's really funny c:
Good for you :D
Yes...Yes I'm very proud Hahah XD
I'm happy you made friends ^- ^
Friends make stuff feels like RAINBOWS O.O'
...sort of c:
Heyz xD
Would it come backies? D:
Questions :D
Katsu, how much do you like Kokoro?
Haru, If you were Katsu's brother, what would you do (together)?
Kokoro, who do you think is the cutest...Haru or Katsu?
Saiyu, would you like if you switch haru for katsu?
Mssing the comic ;P
Uhm would it come back? ;o
I liked this comic =P
October 24th, 2011
°0° your back....
-hug attacks you-
I missed this soo much >.<
You made my day happy :DD
I kinda like the new change ^^'
Oops , I failed yet again :o
My power to fail everyday >:D
thinks: I feel so bad x. x
lol poor Milo^^
I bet he hide the 'next' button...
or, he just quit >_>"
>__> I sense jealousy...
And a lil bit of avoiding o. o
Nyuuu? angsty chapter..? :o
-curious- -wanna take a peek on his drawn sketches- x3
First of all...Nice comic...Uhm I was wondering when u update back ^^'
(dont wanna push yew...I just like your first chapter already..)
hmmm.. ~wonder if there's a twin brother..~
Wish that 'next' button will poof soon c:
pls update? c:
August 25th, 2011
think: He have big ears,don't he? :D
-gasp- Vampires :O
-Heart squeal as a fangirl-
hehe I'm happy^__ ^
This is my #1 webcomic Q. Q
-hug attacks the owner- Kyaa your awsume XD
August 14th, 2011
awww so cute Q. Q -sniff-