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Welcome back, Elder Sheepley.
"Penguin. That's a good word. They have a type of pastry here called a penguino. It's basically a hostess cupcake, but it has a weird name.

Did you know there's a bread company called BIMBO? They own Wonder Bread, but they don't use their main brand name in English-speaking countries for fairly obvious reasons. They're the company that makes Penguinos.

Speaking of companies, Walmart has a strong presence here, but they disguise it with another brand. Bodega Aurrera is a supermarket chain that's exclusive to Mexico, but is just walmart in Green. It has a Luchador Mom as its mascot, which is a little off-putting, but it's fine, I guess.

Graagh. Needs moar werd. Not enough time."
"Valle de Eucaliptos, Buenavista, State of Mexico, Mexico

My area is the residential area there, along with "La Quebrada" which is north of the interstate. It's not very big, and we frequently walk back and forth each day."

After asking his companion's name/description:
"My companion in that area's name was Elder Flores. He's almost as tall as I am, but not quite. Ironically, the monkey does resemble him quite a bit."
"The worst part is that it's freezing. I thought when I came to Mexico I'd be able to stop worrying about being cold at night, but right now I'm really glad I brought a Winter coat with me."
"On the plane ride down and back they had these little computers mounted into the seats, with a free trivia game. The cool part was that the passengers played against each other, and you could see everyone's scores. I was dominating pretty well, until I accidentally hit the "exit" button. Then someone by the name "seeboo" won instead. I was displeased at this."
January 14th, 2014
I performed my Piano arrangement of How Great Thou Art twice this week. Once on Sunday, for a devotional for the whole MTC, and again just now for the incoming missionaries. They all loved it, of course. I always make mistakes that sound really obvious to me, but apparently not to anyone else. (I think there's a conspiracy where everyone is just really nice about it)
"At 8:00 we eat breakfast with the rest of our zone. I'm the king of drink mixing. Err'body respex mah mad skilz."
"My district seems to think I come in too many close encounters with cars. I disagree, claiming they are all just cowards."
December 23rd, 2013
"One of the first memorable stories: I have a dress in my luggage. I don't know WHY, but it's there. I showed my companions, and we all had a good laugh. The best part though: Not 15 minutes later, I opened up the circuit breaker box and some fake eyelashes fell out."
I don't think this was's still on Saturday.
Also, I think your colors look just great. Have you seen my comic I 'draw'?
If you haven't heard, 8 players (4 teams) were disqualified from the Olympics for trying to lose to get a better seed in the tournament. -olympics-reports/
July 26th, 2012
Hooray!!! The story continues!!!
To my avid readers:

Sorry for the long interruption. We have been in the process of moving, but now I should be able to give regular updates again.
Well, I must say.....I REALLY like this!!!! It's great!!! Thanks!
March 19th, 2012
Really? I don't see any...
February 22nd, 2012
Well, I'm not going to put many, maybe just a couple more.
HEY! What do you mean IF it is an entry? You're darn tootin it's an entry!
Lol, I like it.
Too late. I know MANY embarrassing things about y'alls. Mwahahahahahahaahahahahahah
No, but if I get to have text appear when you hover, why not?