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These extras are so great. I love reading them XD Though at times they get a little confusing.

On an unrelated note, I've realized lately that Daniel and my character Eric are similar in several ways. (For example, they both think themselves completely and utterly awesome.) I'm sort of shamelessly picturing them having something like an awesome-off. I honestly have no idea how that would turn out...
Timothy likes older guys huh. ;n; it's kinda cute and sad at the same time.

And I love all the expressions in this. They're all so cute and...EXPRESSIVE (well that's what expressions do, don't they, express things...). Especially the last row and the 'gasp' panel on the second row.

I'd ask them all some questions if I could think of anything...
December 24th, 2011
Okay, I just LOVE the last panel, his expression! :"D
My goodness, it really HAS been a long chapter. (And a really good one!) I just went to look back at some of the first pages (and what a difference in quality and style, I must say! It's been...over three years. Wow.)
Oh my goodness the last panel is awesome!
Oh my goodness, the last two panels with the height realization are priceless expression-wise, and how you came up with the arrow idea, I have no clue, but it is FANTASTIC. The art in the comic is amazing in general, as is the story line, and the main character is surprisingly lovable despite being so much of a jerk.
December 11th, 2011
Another amazing page, ahhh! I completely love the last panel. I keep meaning to look around for an FAQ to see how you do you pages, tones and ink etc. They're just so awesome and clean looking!

It's funny that you have page ten done but not eight or nine...must have done them out of order XD
ngyahhhh! :D Can't wait to see what happens next! And to me, this chapter--so far at least--doesn't look boring at all XD It's always interesting to get to know the characters, in my opinion!
September 29th, 2011
Eeeee! Squealshriekflail! I'm going to die from how epic this is. Hnnnngh. I can not wait for Kolya's reaction and ahhhh, I hope we see more ghost-Tristan in the future, and even human him (because I love his human face. It's just. It's epic okay.) Can't wait for the next couple pages :)
September 8th, 2011
I had to go back to find that 'miss' and boy was it hard to! You hid it well! :D But it's there, haha! Can't wait to see what happens next~!
woahhs. I am in love with the last two panels.
August 13th, 2011
This page may be pretty empty and simple but it is MADE of EPIC
August 13th, 2011
FFFFFFF. This comic is very epic. Please update soon. FFFFF---
The last panel is epic!
Oh my god, LOL at the last panel. It's like, one shirt and one tie between them all! Hilarious ahaha!
GYAAAH this comic is just too epic. I can't wait for the next page! and I REALLY can't wait to see what comes of that photo!
Please update soon ;-;
August 4th, 2011
Hahah! His face in the last panel!! <3
What, that's all there is right now? Sad face. :( This story is epic so far and I really love the characters. I can't wait to see the next page!
Woah, I was really behind on reading this! Can't wait for the next page!
(I'm saving for a copy, by the way. I didn't even know they were out yet. And I started a piece of fan art a really long time ago, but never finished. I may upload the wip to my dA scraps just cuz ^^)

Can't wait for an update!