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Im 16 years old and love anime.key to my heart is dead it sucked ass so i killed it but i am working on a new manga so fingers crossed this one doesnt bite the update in like a week its worth the wait.
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    Rebecca Ridenour
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Send Message carlo why do you keep changing molly's appearence?btw she looks awsome right here.
carlo!realy?hello kitty?omg O_O runaway!
as a kid i find the ball melting thing extreamly funny XD
holy cheese wiz i wont eat eggs for a while O_O
lmfao so dramatic haha dave looks fat on this page
does this have to do with ur facebook post XD
omg dude i love you so much for this.ITS THE CORNDOG!!OH MAH GAWD!
what in the flying panckes?????
i dont like panties XD hahahaha
rogers being the narcissist lol
run dave!!!
O_O hahahahahahahah roflmfao
carlo i just noticed the wipeing thing O_O
can u give me some drawing tips izumi-kun pm me ok
izumi-kun your art amazez me!