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short description of myself:

Likes: My girlfriend, friends, Writing, being creative (Art/Sprite wise), School (Mostly English and Drama), Manga Comics, Snes and PC

Hobbies: Making Comics, writing, art and collecting coins
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Real life happned, sorry.
I apologize for the unexpected disappearance. I know I left a few people here hanging out there waiting for a new comic, so for that, I apologize.
Amy Rose sprites by *Takes a deep Breath*

Acastro, Cyclone, Dolphman, FroggyMudd, Hey-Pi-Ron, Jamie Swift SwiftRunner, Nebula, NinjaRaccoon, OcrillioTh, OmegaSonic0, Perigi, Shinbaloonba, TashTFF, Xeric, Zig
Sonic sprites by Nebula
lol robotish.
August 1st, 2007
I like that emo-git,
he only has one spick in his hole hair and everuone else... to mant to count.
This comic is died mouth ago.
... Bowser may have the upper hand this time! lol
Looks like a dum hegifox recolor.

You need to put more time into your sprites.
The silly banner got my eye.
strange drawing style, chibi?
I think I seen this on yugioh once...
another spider.
So cute!
Nicely drawn, +5 for sure.
Looks promising, might keep an eye on this.
February 25th, 2007
So many nintendo jokes...
And the comics based on a Gravity game.

(Also, I didnt get it and didnt give it much thought)
But not as fast as the drunken dwarf!
lol no updates.
No one can come up with 4 sword jokes?
Bu7 m1nes is m0re L33t! >:O

Um... I got nothing plot wise