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I am a university student in an undisclosed location. As I do not agree with the politics in my country or wish to associate with it, I will not dislose this location.

My political views seem to vary quite a lot over time, mostly due to my changing relationship with society as a whole. At the moment I am a Strasserist.

I am a pangloboantiestablishmentarian and an atheist.

I am anti-DRM and anti-censorship. If you flame me or put up a comment I don't like on one of my comics, I will not delete it: I may not support your view, but I will die for your right to express and defend it.
Unless you're a republican.

I always support the truth, whether that truth be concealed or otherwise repressed. I always support the repressed and marginalised. I support groups which some may think controversial.

I suffer from clinical depression and tend to take insults towards my person very seriously. I may also become very hostile when depressed.

If I am banned unfairly, I will return.
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Vasiel! That's another character I know.
Ballroom Blitz reference?!

Also hi Yamataro, we meet again.
I need to get a job too and this is exactly how it goes. *SIGH*
Cyndaquil is adorable, Quilava isn't too bad, but Typhlosion looks really weird. I can tell that you only had the single flower to work with though, it shows. You could have sprited different leaves instead of flipping the flower and fucking up the shading.

Also, it's dithered.
Bad recolour. The red palette isn't even good.
This is dithered, but you knew that already.
K, this is pretty cool, but many of your other sprites are uninspired and too simple.
Me, a rocket? Ha, ha! I don't have a rocket!

*shifty eyes*
>Engage in hot lesbian sex with Shelia. Unf unf unf.
Ah, Kanos, everyone is just out to get you.
You don't seem to care that you're in this one.
I do adore the aesthetic of 'communist' nations. It's so interesting.

Anyway, China finally enters the fray, here. The shit is about to hit the fan.

Say, I've already updated twice today. If you missed Kanos' declaration of war and the introduction of Jaroslav, just hit [previous comic] and read them.
It's on my iPod.
There is a situation on the ground which is unfolding very quickly.
50 fans celebratory mini-comic will be coming shortly.

This is Jaroslav Chehachkov, Kanos' military advisor. He fled persecution in Czechoslovakia and eventually popped up in the SCR.
He has a brother in the KGB, but both of them refuse to acknowledge the others' existence, whether out of shame or fear of political backlash.

I already updated today; if you didn't see Kanos' declaration of war, please hit [previous comic] and read it.
新年、新のコ&#65424 ;ック!!

I plan to retcon the first chapter and about half of the second one, so I may not update the story for a while.
I'll let you know when I replace the old ones.

There is a new Newspost. :3
Apologies for some of the text being difficult to read. Rest assured this will be amended in future issues. I have provided a transcript at bottom.

16-Bit Stupidity is brought to you today by Weet-Bix®

What metal fandom does Tails represent, exactly?
Well, his makeup is inspired by KISS and other glam metal bands with odd makeup, although his philosophy was originally towards pagan/viking metal and is now more like raw black metal (the batshit insane Satanic dudes). He's mostly oriented towards the MLO, a very small Luciferian cult in Norway which has some pretty interesting philosophies. I don't know where the Goetia come from or if anyone actually gives more than two shits about them.

Why is Knuckles so stereotypical?! I'm British and his character offends my sensibilities, pip pip. Nobody I know speaks like that! Also, crumpets!
For the lulz, of course.

When are the Metals coming back?
I have them written up for a comic after the end of Marble Garden, which is about five issues away. Since I now actually know some Japanese, expect Metal Tails to be even more annoying.

What is Aztoc, exactly?
He's a demonic dragon prince in the body of a falcon.

WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!1
I haven't been making comics lately because it's boring and I liek videogames. Playing them, that is. :U

Are there any comics made by you that you'd like to plug shamelessly?
Sprite Comic From Hell, a drama set in WWIV. I don't update much, and I have to retcon about half of the first comics, but what I do have is awesome. I hope some day to get out of sprite comicing and revamp it into my magnum opus. My avatar is a character from this comic, actually. Soviet aliens w00

Are there any comics not made by you that you'd like to plug shamelessly?
Nutshel. I don't really read comics much now, but go read that one because it's made by members of a small forum I frequent. Although it does have a storyline, it's mostly random. Also, I'm in it, and put people in gas chambers. He got better. (????)

TRANSCRIPT (someday I'll enable ohnorobot on this)
A: I am Aztoc, prince of the Avion.
S: I'd dread to see the king.
A: Thank you kindly for destroying the Babylonian for me. I've been hunting him for a while, but he always eludes me...
S: Tails, suck his soul out!
T: Are you crazy?! I can't do that!
S: Why the egg not?!
T: You cannot take the soul of the belongs to no mortal.
S: Great, so only when it suits you, then...
A: And now, you will join the world in destruction!
*Knuckles runs over Aztoc*
K: Sod it! I missed!
Why are the DOCUMENTS covered in astrological symbols?