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named Basketball great
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    Adam Morrison
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Loving the comics keep it up!

Btw, quick question, how many cameos havnt shown up yet?

Does that beat the record from last time?
>No ass to kick?

>Find ass to kick
August 25th, 2011
Is kirby slient? but yeah soudn effects woudl help
August 25th, 2011
Needs moar sound effects

You should try resizing by 200% and making mouths and it's hard to tell who'se talking. Also while your at edit you can edit the eyes to show expression
I don't know you can consider changing the text bubbles to be trolling...
This is stupid and pointless
I like how Anta is enjoying this
Text bubbles need some serious fixing damn
Sprite is terrible, I'd suggest adding more than just coloring sonic black
I'd recommend using text bubbles and backgrounds it'll make the comic look better and more organized

Who'se more faster you or Shadow?

i like how it isn't pillow shaded
So this is considered work?

This takes no effort at all
Please update I love the drawing
^ Does this usually happen?
So 7 months without a update