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Gyarados in her tight office
@Sparker135: Heheh, that's what she said
This will be remembered as the day when Onion appeared in Mokepon for the first time!
Easter egg
Woah... in WHICH universe is Onyx actually hissing? I know he's snakish, but in the series he was always like growling. But okay, haters just gonna hate ;)

Looks like since Rat went "thwap", Atty should use the other rat that went "punt" :D

A brilliant idea H0ly - you should add Easter eggs in your pages. Like South Park creators insert in every episode a well hidden alien, you could add an obnoxious Rattata for readers to find :)
Where do you belong
Remember when you arrived the Pewter City for the first time? This is when you realize which PkMn-TrNr group you are in (geez this sentence looks so complicated, please don't mention any incositensies).

1) You choose Squirtle - not much troubles through Viridian Forest and easy Pwnage at Pewter Gym. Actually, you could put off the fire that Atty caused, so you're a real hero now... meh

2) You choose Bulbasaur - you regret it while fighting Viridian Bug-psychos, but still whine whip beats rock, right?

3) At prof. Oak you pick DT's kin. You run through Viridian forest like a knife through butter. And then you hear Brock sayin "You know, some guys actually come here with fire as their starer. Crazy, huh?"

And then you show 'em that fire type is the only good choice. I mean, Charmander is cute but freakin' badass at the same time :)
So, the bugcatcher ends up with at least a digniful cremation. Not like he actually cares about it, he now most likely resembles a... sieve, i guess.
And George... A lady in distress, saved by a knight in not-at-all-shining jumper. You should show some gratitude instead of whining, you know?
Great job with the last panel. Hoodies are always tempting people to grab them and choke their owners :)
The Bug, The Bug, The Bug is on fire...
That ember was pretty effective. Almost as a combustible lemon would be.
Atticus, what the heck is you problem with bugs? Did you got stung as a little kid and just can't go over it?
But I have to admit that the sight of burning swarm of obnoxious bugs is kind of satisfying :) Serves 'em right!
What would Ender "Xenocide" do?

He would crush the enemy with all its's power.

So no one else would ever want to fight him again.

Hope the other Beedrills got the point.
Burn the bugs down! With the DT! That's what we're all thinking.

That angry Caterpie reminds of those obnoxious tiny barely-dogs. The little ones jumping around and barking at you, as long as the fence protects them from you. Cuz' they now they really don't do any significant damage.
This is the most vile swarm you've ever set your eyes on. But worry no, noble George!
Brother Atticus! Bring up the Holy Hand Grenade!

Sorry, I just couldn't resist :D
In your latest comic, I've read that there are some <IMG TAG> I haven't read so far. So I'm readin' through it backwards and this one made me realize - It's just what I've always thought about the Rockets! During their song I'd be always like "Cut it off guys, I'm not buyin' anything!"

So annoying, like Jehovah's witnesses. No religious offense, but those guys are sometimes freakin'annonying.
Here comes the end
The trap is what Bugman will be lured in
from which will be no return.
There's no one who will ever cry for him,
nobody will ever mourn.

We will throw his corpse in the river,
so memory of him will wither.
He was lonely since he was kid.
Then we'll wash hands as Pilate did.

Because that's the fate of minor chatacters with trash Pokémon.
Au revoir, Bug Catcher. The world has been too cruel to you.
Mwahaha :D
"The hell you thinkg this is, fucking Big Brother?" Thad is just awesome :D This made me laugh out of control. Guess what I had in my player while reading this? I'll give you a hint - Audiobook of George Orwell. No kidding :)