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I'm a shojo-mangaka from Germany. I have already published seven books, five of them are part of a complete series. My favourite genres in drawing are romance, drama and fatasy. If it comes to reading, I'm open for everything, if it's only done well. :)

My books are:
Summer Rain (1 Volume)
Daemonenjunge Lain (=Demon Boy Lain, 1 Volume)
Life Tree's Guardian (5 Volumes)

Right now I'm working on my webmanga "Schwarzer Kater" (=Black Cat), which I'm publishing in the Internet for free. It's a story about guilt and remorse. Please check it out, if you like! :)
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    Natalie Wormsbecher
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September 7th, 2011
Thank you so much! ^^ I'm glad, you like my work! :D
September 5th, 2011
Sorry for the delay... I was not at home over the weekend. ;)
*chuckles* That's so sweet! ^^ Thank you! :)
I'm actually updating my newest story titled "The Black Cat", please check it out, if you like to! :D
Coloured Pencils...
Yes, that's right! Coloured pencils are my favourites! :)
@BAMchick: Oh, thank you! I didn't notice... I fixed it now. :)
Enough of introduction, let's start the story! :)
@Lippenstift: Yeah, you're right, English can be tough... I hope, this English is okay. If there are some parts that don't sound right, please tell me! :D

@BAMchick: Thank you! I will try to update every day. Check out the two new pages, I uploaded right now! :)