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Jetta Bloodeye
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At this point Gale is going to be raising those new pups alone, if she even GETS another little out of this male...

I know they're wolves and all, but this is a universe that has magic and medicine, so clearly they have the capacity for complex thought beyond survival and reproduction. And Gale had better pray that none of her other kids get sick of her abusive bs and leave for greener pastures...
It's good to hear from you! It sucks that life has been so hard on you, but I'm glad you're doing what you can to put yourself in a better place. Thanks for the update - I'll be waiting until you're ready to come back to JH
Jetta Bloodeye
February 18th, 2016
I'm so exited for the sequel! I'm really looking forward to exploring this other world Father keeps bringing people to - like, is this the place Kainan's parents were taken to? Are Jahla's bros here? Does time flow differently on this word? I'M SO EXITED
@microbuss: Evil seems like a pretty strong word for a little kid. She's still very young - and likely being sexually abused or recklessly exposed to adult content with no parental guidance at all. The kid isn't bad for the sake of it, she's being poorly raised. I wouldn't go running through the streets proclaiming her an angel, but she does deserve a chance to see if she gets a sort of redemption arc.
I'm pretty firmly in the "Hunter was right" camp over here. She put her hands on him, after being told not to multiple times. She sexually assaulted him - children may not understand exactly what that means, but Hunter obviously knew enough to feel violated. If something similar had happened to an adult, we would be praising their actions. Being a child doesn't mean you cannot defend yourself - teaching a kid that young that they will be punished for doing so is extremely harmful!
@Della: Thank you for explaining better than I did!
A lot of the comments seem to be "ooooh silly Lifa, he isn't being hostile! Be nice and share!!!"

But... do you guys remember why she left? It was only a few pages ago. Lifa is running from a male who abused her - yes, abused! - for months. He killed her packmates, left her parents to die, attacked her friends, and held her hostage for months with the intention of getting her pregnant. If she was human, that would put Lifa as being taken when she was about 15-16, I think, and then being gaslighted - which is a recognized form of TORTURE - until she believed that the male who had killed most of her family loved her, and then getting knocked up. If she was human, we wouldn't hesitate to call that rape, because she wasn't able to give sane, informed consent because, yanno, BRAINWASHING.

That's a lot to take in for someone who's the equivalent of 20-25 years old, with three kids to look after in a strange place. Lifa is legitimately scared for her life and the life of her pups - which the only other significant male in her life (Kainan) views as enemies because of their father. If I was Lifa, I'd have a hard time trusting anyone - especially a male who got a little flirty with me right off the bat.

So, you go, Lifa. DO what you gotta do for those giant puppies while you get your head right.
I really love all the casual worldbuilding you do! But I do have a coupe of questions, if you have the time/ability to answer without spoiling the story. First, is polyamory accepting among the general population of this world? The casual mention of husbands leads me to think so, but is it just nymphs that can have multiple spouses, or can drones have many wives? Are mixed groups okay? And, sorry, sorry, one more thing - is a person's gender dependent on their first life, leaving them feeling like a nymph/drone even in a body that doesn't match up, or can it change form life to life?

I'm so sorry to bother you with all of this >.< I'm just really fascinated by the social dynamics you're setting up here, and the art and story keep me so engrossed!
I like the direction this seems to be going. Lifa does look really uncomfortable in half of these panels, and honestly I hope what Kainan said about the stalking and kidnapping struck a chord with her.

I really hope we get an arch where Lifa comes to terms with the fact that she went through the dog equivalent of some middle-aged cultist seeing a child and going "I'm gonna bone that the literal second she turns 18" and then just taking her.
Is it common for older souls to have lapses like this, "slipping" into past lives around significant landmarks? It would explain why little blue is reacting so calmly.
So I take it that a faerie reaches a certain age, they go into that "enbuggening" cocoon to grow strange and wonderful new body parts? Can that just kinda go on as long as they don't get killed, or is there a max age for them?
I'm really starting to like her as a character, and not simply as an antagonist. You've done a really great job creating all of these in-depth people for the comic!

It's me. I did.

My eyeballs hurt a little bit but IT WAS SO WORTH IT

First of all, your art? Fantastic. And I am so damn emotionally investing in the couples, you don't even know.
wait what
that's a baby
I would defiantly be able to pledge a bit each month/week! Not a ton, but I'd be happy to help now that I've got some extra money coming my way in a couple of weeks
frothing at the mouth over here!
@S.S. Princess: You are not alone. I wanted it over and done with as soon as possible. I mean come on, dude should have realized before now that Mars really didn't need to know everything and cut him loose sooner.
It doesn't bother me at all that he doesn't feel the same (life sucks, shit happens, yadda yadda) but he is being a colossal ass about it. Like no let-down, just "Dude i need you to find my soul mate becasue I was just using you for food and everything I ever said was all lies."

Harsh, man. Harsh and unnecessary. Dude should realize by now that Mars doesn't want to hear how things are going. He wants it over and done with so he won't have to hear about how much you love her.
Yes I can go to sleepy happy now. My night has been made.
Bless you and your work, you angel!
Is the comic still alive? I would really like to hear a happier ending. Or at least one where the girls live.