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I like cats... and yaoi. Sooo.... Pls feel free to violently criticize my errr... work(?). I love comments!!!!! Pls give my comics some!!!! Especially about my art wahhh... pretty please? Thank you for viewing my Profile... yeah.
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finally... aha... will try to update one to two page(s) a week starting now....
oh wow that laugh and that language~!
very promising parent i see XDDDD
Aww~ little girl is crying! (>o<)
Huge age difference, Kiryuu (15) is 1st yr high school here and Kiri is around 9-11? yrs old
Possible BroCon?
Hahaha, i thought his objective was rather unique, for me, now I know. He seems really adorable~ interesting~
Chapter ONE
START~!!!!! A little background story of Kiri and Kiryuu, how they met, how they first thought of each other (mostly Kiryuu), how they continued living, how they learned about each other, and how they parted........................ and how they're going to meet again ahahaha~! Well... just a warning, I may stop for a long period of time who knows for several times then come back and update a lot and quickly (its a cycle of getting bored of it and getting really into it again)... but I SHALL try my very best to finish this up to where I want to end it, which is hopefully a proper ending! BTW.... forget about my other works just... give it up... if you read any of it... yeah... probably the future of this one too...but lets not be negative hahahahaha.... yeah... what happens, happens.... good luck to me... ganbare me.... (=_=;)
He's freakin adorable, well the fact that he's insecure and thinks he isn't is also freakin adorable.... hehehehehe *pant* *pant* sorry...
Prologue Chapter END!
Hiya~ nearly dropped this haha~!
How'd you like it?!
Sorry for some mistakes~! Can you survive my (crappy) art style?!
hmm... don't have much to say really... anyway...
actual SUMMARY:

Meet Renou and Lyle, both former detectives got fired and have now started their own little business, a paranormal investigation office! Completely new with some contact with their former chief and an upcoming beautiful monk, join them as they solve different mysteries surrounded by things naked to the normal eye...AND an adorable new part timer, Kiri!
it's a female shaman though he was referring to a male (^u^)
I'm awful with backgrounds, forgive me...
@Poppy: You're welcome~ (^v^)/ Thanks for the support~
December 18th, 2013
I'm guessing...
...light brown haired one?
oh ahahaha, this is interesting~! keep it up~ XDDD
oh wow! 27 faves already? thank you so much!this is just the prologue chapter btw
January 31st, 2012
....honestly, I was thinking of dropping this.. aha, well, this chapter is gonna be about aoi & shin in middle school
3rd panel
kou-chans hair is uber fabulous ToT
just wanna say that no matter how ridiculous a manga/comic is, none of it deserves to be ripped ^^'
I'm back...
should have said that i was going on vacation ^_^' (it was so fun!!) yay for more fans @u@ thank you!
will be continuing daily updates from now ^^

...i just noticed his hair isn't spiky... ^^' so lets say he just woke up
and haven't fixed it...T-T
...when the door opened

...I am seriously enjoying drawing hanako for some reason...@_@'
more fans...
aha, i'm so happy, would you all actually prefer if the comic was about this?
end is rushed.. rushed...

...okay, 1st panel, you'll understand what he means in the next chapter... 2nd panel, ren is still worried about hajime stalking so he has to be careful until his mom comes home(in a week)...okay? so... did anyone dislike this?