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Noooooo! It ran out! I really want to know what happens next in this confrontation >w<

*waits patiently for an update*
Well, when you put it like *that*...
We have the Duracell Bunny too here in England, but obviously the linguistic pun isn't quite there ;) I get it, though! xD
Teahouse FTW~~
Is there any way we can see who's currently in the lead? :3
Yeah, Jigsaw's cool ^^ And I love her name. Despite him being acting like a ladies' man, I like Afro Mackenzie a lot too. He just likes a few perks to go with the job of being a big star xD
This is my favourite page out of the ones that you have on SmackJeeves, I think. I have other favourites on dA - you need to bring this one up to date so I can rate them 5 stars! I just love the awe/love-struck look on Richard's face as Puss stands up. XD And who can blame him?
Lmao, very funny. XD Yep, feminism killed chivalry.