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meh not much to me....really easily distracted....

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ok soo this kinda cements it...Comic!Ket is dead then o3o;;
i honestly like anzu alot more, but i appreciate making sabi more than that creepy girl like in the anime or the serious girl like in the games :D
@BioMetalNeo: i guess all we could do is me try and get back into spriting and then salvage the concept and retool it with others
@BioMetalNeo: that is true, though i dont know what happened to most of the crew
@BioMetalNeo: been a long while, i'd have to get back nto spriting again XD but would be fun
did something happen to him?
@Spar Elric: very much welcome! drawing is just as hard as spriting and ive been away from both a long long time XD
been getitng better throughout the years
September 10th, 2018
@Hero of Comedy: i dunno, he caught her mom and his wife soo...
@RoninHunt0987: wind powers, if she falls off he can either slow her descent to a crawl or push her back up
ok much of the multiverse and the fourth wall do her parents know of again?
@Shard: huh..ok..i mean it makes sense she is fourth wall aware and it shouldnt be too hard to use that to make something. it just kinda threw my for a loop cause of the fact its a full on battle
soo puppy cop dad made a windsword, and did...did ket just word ballon a sword into exsistance? is this the first time we've seen her just DO this? i know she can fuck around with panel layouts and even layers but she was out of combat for that
@samdied: you know this is a flashback right owo
@ninjaxxxrecon: i dunno..i personally didnt like the one scene later on that involved bullet induced abortion
WELL SHIT, i think rudy just broke
@Syogren: well i mean...hes the body of the god of death...NOT SURE IF CAN DIE, literlaly im not sure if he can...soo i mean...its gonna hurt but can tank it possibly? ...he gunnna die huh
April 24th, 2018
@Shard: ahh ok, i must have missed the second shot and the kinda need a white mage for that...or a necromancer...or red mage.....or oracle..i just noticed thers alot of job classes that specialize in cheating death...still doesnt make this less sad
April 24th, 2018 liz get the second shot..was it a knife..i cant tell?