meh not much to me....really easily distracted....

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i love adam ruins everything x3
may i have a link to that gif =3 rowlett best alolan starter!
now to pass that lesson onto your doggy..and then one day your human chirren xD
*rubs temples* they had the balls to make youget the ame again, and it was only free if you had the game before and ALL it sdlc...all for tiny graphic updates, and all the dlc you had to pay for before
Puddle making sure rain goes to bed and never stays up past 8 X3
man if not for the fact the pokemon acutally die in this..i would say this feels like its not even a nuzlocke with how creative you've been with the story and everything..usually in nuzlokes its "do the story i the order you found everything, mons in the order you found them..blah blah blah" and here you are going "meh not as fun" and basically rewrite how the entire team rocket thing went...AND I DONT HATE GARY! HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?
i love how everyone says warren is gonna stomp on him...which..is kinda true, but i think we've seen a bit of warren to say...either hes gonna give burns mcgee a warning, or..well...i dunno if daz ever said if theres a chance getting in a fight could get warren arrested off the grounds of the cafe
i think hes more trying to cuase you serious harm >3> between the slamming into your knee and the evil bandaid ripping
always figured it'd be warren who would kill her...if not her ownself
oh my god..why the fuck is 720p such a big fucking deal D: < it don't have to be burning yoru fucking eyeballs like the god damn real life sun, when you star at the sun in game people! if you want too see how beautiful scenery like the games are..i dunno, go to the fucking rainforest and stop bitching if ain't 1080p DX *rant over*
@Daz Keaty: well i get that...but the guy is ASKING you not to let him become a monster like the rest and it seemed from the page you made he was gonna die one way or another..soo..i just hate that kinda logic
*Facepalms* fucking...IT WAS A MERCY KILL! THATS NOT..I....*brain melts*
apparently when you smash that one big peice, it shatters like the core that allows it to grow and expain.....and..going by the dlc...its..kinda like you just made a blood clot in the system
@The_Hankerchief: she said reblogged so i'm GONNA assume tumblr
@Merone: he was in a coma for the rest of the adventure and the warriors of light saved the world the end XD
why is this called 17 when the last page was called 12
welp seems like he built you both a crib without even relizing it x3
man just another thing to tear hawke's heart already torn heart asunder QAQ can't he just get a break QAQ