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meh not much to me....really easily distracted....

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@ninjaxxxrecon: i dunno..i personally didnt like the one scene later on that involved bullet induced abortion
WELL SHIT, i think rudy just broke
@Syogren: well i mean...hes the body of the god of death...NOT SURE IF CAN DIE, literlaly im not sure if he can...soo i mean...its gonna hurt but can tank it possibly? ...he gunnna die huh
April 24th, 2018
@Shard: ahh ok, i must have missed the second shot and the kinda need a white mage for that...or a necromancer...or red mage.....or oracle..i just noticed thers alot of job classes that specialize in cheating death...still doesnt make this less sad
April 24th, 2018 liz get the second shot..was it a knife..i cant tell?
@Hero of Comedy: i dont think that works the way you think it will
the ultimate touch screen sin! not checkign if it was touchscreen when you poke someone;s work QWQ
i admit to getting my ass handed to me by a few rifts early on..soo i ended up taking the long way around whenever i came across of them till i could not immediatly die upon going into there...barrier mages all day every day :P
@Falconer: i know his struggle @.@ before my art skills tanked hard, the biggest trouble i had was art is hard in general
September 12th, 2017
no page showing qwq
@Schtinsu: i do indeed have the mount! i keep breaking its legs jumping off of high places since i cant die doing that :P also i have the mages on my side, willingly...i had a bunch of people get mad at me for it
i..havent gotten to this point yet..for two reasons..A: GIANT FUCKING SPIDER, RPG MAKERS STOP IT NOW!. B: acutally stuck in a story mission for the simpel fact i cant figure out how to climb the mountains for this beging, are..but i know exactly who i'd choose between all the choices, every time...i just cant put varric through that pain again
ahh computer AI's...just a tad bit less picky than an over bearing mother.
i love adam ruins everything x3
may i have a link to that gif =3 rowlett best alolan starter!
now to pass that lesson onto your doggy..and then one day your human chirren xD
*rubs temples* they had the balls to make youget the ame again, and it was only free if you had the game before and ALL it sdlc...all for tiny graphic updates, and all the dlc you had to pay for before
Puddle making sure rain goes to bed and never stays up past 8 X3
man if not for the fact the pokemon acutally die in this..i would say this feels like its not even a nuzlocke with how creative you've been with the story and everything..usually in nuzlokes its "do the story i the order you found everything, mons in the order you found them..blah blah blah" and here you are going "meh not as fun" and basically rewrite how the entire team rocket thing went...AND I DONT HATE GARY! HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?
i love how everyone says warren is gonna stomp on kinda true, but i think we've seen a bit of warren to say...either hes gonna give burns mcgee a warning, or..well...i dunno if daz ever said if theres a chance getting in a fight could get warren arrested off the grounds of the cafe