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*Insert description of cliche nerd here* (gaming, comics, anime/manga, Star Wars, Harry Potter, any literature really...are all my "things")
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September 8th, 2013
@Danae: We're glad you're enjoying it! This was our goal; D.I.D. and people who have it aren't ALWAYS scary monsters the way television and movies have made us out to be. The artist is working on revamping the entire comic since their work has improved over the last two years, but be sure to follow us on tumblr, twitter, and Facebook (links in the News) to get updates! Apologies for the overly verbose reply; thank you for your comment! ~Your friendly neighborhood comic writer, Aneirin
@Pedant: Oh, thank you for pointing it out! We'll get to fixing it as soon as we can! ^_^
@Mercy: We're glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, this entire concept actually makes a lot of things much easier in theory, doesn't it?
@AshFisher: It'll get less confusing as it goes on, we promise! It's hard when it's one page at a time, but there's a lot more in store in future chapters; stay with us and you'll see! Thanks for the +fav :3
this...this is going to be a new thing that I will check religiously that will take me away from things I *should* be doing ^^;;;
because it's way too epically awesome
Grew up watching BBC
So, I knew/use this phrase x3
But I dunno if that just makes me an odd American >>;
George, I want you in my pocket
That is all.
And I thought I loved him before, lol
Omg, love this.
So much.