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I can supply you with all the official and accredited documentation for proof of identity, resources, and training you could ever need or want in order to prove I'm not playing catfish. Unfortunately, I'm neither an athlete nor a politician so I don't appear in person as expected from paper. I didn't isolate parts of my personality, and I have an incredibly high tolerance for inappropriate behavior. If you must know, I'm the son of a social worker and a rogue. As such, I was conditioned to understate my abilities and allow financing to affect performance.

I've had to learn to articulate my motives, what I believe, and how I would generally behave on instinct... Not because I lack the faculties of mindfulness, charm, intelligence, wisdom, or logic; but because I'm used to people misrepresenting or misreading me, my motives, and my interests. I was a scout and I have training in journalism, I know the importance of traveling light and always being prepared. I also know the importance of being 'paid' to remember. However, I believe things that should be general knowledge can be freely offered and discussed...
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    Slimecat the Jealous / Latchkey the Fleeting
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lol ha ha ha ha ha
Lucky fellow, many learning disabilities are overlooked when you're a polyglot.
Picked it up from a telephone at work did she?
Based on what I'm seeing she's clearly been drinking. Maybe she's discovered the fabled hiding place for the cask of amontillado.

If she's drunk It's time to light a fluffy and see if it really is as explosive as it sounds.
Thank you for clearing that up :)
You remember when Drax the destroyer mentioned something about Peter being stupid in Guardians of the Galaxy?

I kind of feel this is one of those moments.
The boob comment has me thinking about this...
you have a 15 year old guy there and he didn't say "I'll touch your boob." what is he, a cross dresser?
Yes! I can comment again.
Minty D. Fluffy?

F. M. L. Destiny?

Morning Mint Glory

Madie Fluffy (made a fluffy? that one stinks)

Lauren Glory (Lore and Glory? sounds like a Librarian or Cleric to me.)
A with a speedo, burma, skirt, sarong, stole, bandolier, bustier, or leather apron... Heck, I'd be satisfied with boots, sleeve socks, or a super speed sonic look.
I knew Freddy Kruger was full of horse pucky.
what language are they learning?
all wet?
Thank you. It was riveting entertainment.
"Don't you got worrying" worse? or I can't tell who pulled the gun worse?

I mean obviously the new guy looks guilty but I don't see a gun in his hand. . . or the other party's.

Is there a third gunman on the grassy knoll?
By the way, you also cannot leave the shop until the mirror has been restored, at least not as a human being.
How is that different from any other comic? Is it becasue she's touching her own butt this time? Because if you turned it more to the camera and had the palm resting on there it would still look less attractive than catwoman in latex and goggles or those oddball pony pictures with a hoodie and kneesocks... I still don't get the hoodie kneesock pony thing though. so, my suggestions probably wouldn't increase readership so much as diffuse responsibility for bad behavior.

By the way is she trying to touch her nose with her tongue?
Is that an actual book up for purchase somewhere?
Thank you. Should I ever become a detective or private investigator I will realize that the condensation on the window means the prospect/prey/punky brewster couldn't have traveled far enough to remain unseen... not that the spidergal costume isn't great camouflage and bell around her neck isn't a nice touch. She must wander off a lot.