Real Name: Gabriel
Age: 31
Gender: Male

About Me

The blind stares of a million pairs of eyes will never see... The only thing color adds is conspicuity. So, let's start with the obvious. I am a Man. I was born a human being. I spent five years pursuing a degree in visual media. Which, basically means, I was trained to appreciate,create, critique, and analyze, media. Things such as films, video games, art, and other forms media that were developed to enhance human communication have always fascinated me. I was born an American, and, as a result, I was raised to believe that everyone can preform miracles. I was born in Florida, but I currently live in Nevada. I know the difference between facts and opinions. I also know that I create my own reality, and no one can live my life for me.

My Webcomics

Sugar Spice and Feedy Mice
Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 7 # Comics: 43
Transient Pulse
Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 28 # Comics: 314

Mr. Pink: Put a Kink in your think

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 5

Helen's L.O.T.

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 1

The Storm Approaches: Rats Depart

Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 2

Blockheads with Brainstems

Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 20

The "OTHER" Nihilist Recipie Book

Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 11

Nightmares of La Mancha

Last Update: Never Fans: 1 # Comics: 0

Implicit Rules of Maturity: A Pop Parody

Last Update: Never Fans: 0 # Comics: 0

Recent Comments

Comment on 167 of Joy To The World
GabrielsThoughts, 29 Jan 2015 12:13 am
Pinky pie says...
The heart monitor goes *beep* *cheep* *beep* *booooooooooop* and then the ponies of bifrost come and steal her "knows" .

((I apologize for misrepresenting Pinky pie in order to have something relevant to say at this moment of dramatic tomfoolery... Still, this would be the perfect opportunity to slip her into the world of friendship is magic, or that movie spin off no one seems to like, and troll them like the dickens. And, just think of all the fun conversations she can have with her psychologist and physical therapist afterwards.))
Comment on Text Block of The Gray Zone
GabrielsThoughts, 28 Jan 2015 09:03 am
Maybe he's depressed. . .
Comment on 5.24 of Team Overbite
GabrielsThoughts, 28 Jan 2015 12:54 am
I liked the eye banner better. It seemed more ominous. But, change is always good.
Comment on Collateral of Verlore Geleentheid
GabrielsThoughts, 27 Jan 2015 06:55 pm
It's fine, I'm sure I could just stretch the window or fiddle with font size for now.
Comment on Curtain Call: 22 of A Different Perspective
GabrielsThoughts, 27 Jan 2015 12:16 pm
Soul of Silicon.
Shadow!? Is that you? So that's his backstory. Metal sonic becomes corrupted by windows 8 software before becoming sentient. . .

Ironically enough, there actually was a webcomic for the above story as well.
Comment on Collateral of Verlore Geleentheid
GabrielsThoughts, 26 Jan 2015 07:00 pm
At the risk of unnecessarily blocking part of Jane's hair, How did you move the translation box and resize it?
Comment on Gift of My Pet Succubus
GabrielsThoughts, 26 Jan 2015 01:03 am
I have to admit I like your color and texture selection. How do you get the hand painted muslin backdrop look? is it a photoshop filter?

Also, I kind of like the 'world only god knows' idea of demons being seemingly more innocent and childlike than humans. Cute and innocent evil is always the darkest kind.
Comment on 26 of GATEKEEPER
GabrielsThoughts, 25 Jan 2015 02:57 pm
I don't like how the second to last panel is staged. I suspect I know who it is, and I'm sure she has a lovely long neck, but Jack's word balloon is creating an optical illusion of snake like proportions that even Han Solo couldn't pull off even if he shot Greedo first.
Comment on After the Fact of Serendipity: An Equestrian Tale
GabrielsThoughts, 25 Jan 2015 12:28 am
They used to make paper out of corn and straw, so I guess she's all right.
Comment on 23 of GATEKEEPER
GabrielsThoughts, 20 Jan 2015 01:09 am

See also Dr. Phil... granted, he has an excuse being that both his calling and his profession rely on such knowledge to maintain audience appeal.

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