Real Name: King Of The Moment
Age: 31
Gender: Male

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The blind stares of a million pairs of eyes will never see... The only thing color adds is conspicuity. So, let's start with the obvious. I am a Man. I was born a human being. I spent five years pursuing a degree in visual media. Which, basically means, I was trained to appreciate,create, critique, and analyze, media. Things such as films, video games, art, and other forms media that were developed to enhance human communication have always fascinated me. I was born an American, and, as a result, I was raised to believe that everyone can preform miracles. I was born in Florida, but I currently live in Nevada. I know the difference between facts and opinions. I also know that I create my own reality, and no one can live my life for me.

My Webcomics

Sugar Spice and Feedy Mice
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 6 # Comics: 43
Transient Pulse
Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 26 # Comics: 440

Mr. Pink: Put a Kink in your think

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 5

Helen's L.O.T.

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 1

The Storm Approaches: Rats Depart

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 2

Blockheads with Brainstems

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 20

The "OTHER" Nihilist Recipie Book

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 11

Nightmares of La Mancha

Last Update: Never Fans: 1 # Comics: 0

Nyctophobia Pops: A Pop Parody

Last Update: Never Fans: 0 # Comics: 0

Recent Comments

Comment on sChIzO 253: Weird Dream of sChIzO
GabrielsThoughts, 03 Sep 2014 06:56 am

I suggested that two or three years ago. So, if it's a possibility in the 'now' I'd be happy. Sadly, Mr.Saturn doesn't always look over his messages even when directed at him.

I'd commiserate with you, but as I similarly don't know what the future holds it is entirely possible you will be overjoyed with a chance encounter with Mr. Saturn.

You have a good head on your shoulders and I like you for having the courage to ask questions.
Comment on Page135 of Jackie's Story
GabrielsThoughts, 03 Sep 2014 05:58 am
No, that's just his brother.
Comment on Halloween...Candy Ad of Joy To The World
GabrielsThoughts, 03 Sep 2014 05:53 am

Yay! I cannot promise you financial gain or rewards in the afterlife, but that sounds like good news. Especially for me, since it means I can ride the gravy train of your success the moment we collaborate on something.

In fact, I really need help figuring out the scanner and camera wizard system of Windows 7, I know we can work together on this one for sure. I have a cannon printer I picked up at Wal*mart on the cheap if that helps.
Comment on Halloween...Candy Ad of Joy To The World
GabrielsThoughts, 03 Sep 2014 12:41 am
I hope you mean per page funding. I realize there are other payoffs to artwork besides money, but I suspect you intend to put more than 10 hours of work in for each page. Even with programs like crazytalk you have to account for the learning curve and I suspect the voice actors at fiverr will charge you that much for less than 20 minutes of dialog.
Comment on Page 7 of Kitty Bo Bitty in the Big City
GabrielsThoughts, 02 Sep 2014 09:28 pm
*BLEEP*king Unico, always interfering with a good thing...

about 32 minutes into the clip you'll see what I'm talking about.
Comment on 075 - Magical Girl Delusions of Legion Of Kats
GabrielsThoughts, 31 Aug 2014 09:20 pm
There's more than one magical girl?

You mean she's actually a villain?
Comment on 14 of GATEKEEPER
GabrielsThoughts, 31 Aug 2014 09:14 pm
I can almost visualize his response now. . .

Something along the lines of :"No worries Olive. That's even better! One wouldn't want someone with a different set of morals to dictate the will of god."

Naturally, I use the little "g" not because some argue that god is love. And, while justifiable homicide is a noble aim I'm pretty sure it violates the "thou shall not murder" clause within the fundamental social contract known to most judeo-christians because of premeditation.
Comment on Inquiry of Zyra Slash
GabrielsThoughts, 31 Aug 2014 07:06 am
Climbing a castle wall in full armor?

Shooting a hawk in flight?

Defeating a wild boar in combat?

Could it be slaying one of the four earth species known to evolve into dragons? like Koi, Snakes, Foxes, or Humans? I'd wager there are others, but the aforementioned critters are the only ones with a documented mythology, some even argue that unicorns, pegasus, jabberwocks, and kelpie are arguably dragons of a sort, it's just they have no current fossil records beyond the jersey devil.
Comment on Fly of Serendipity: An Equestrian Tale
GabrielsThoughts, 31 Aug 2014 06:56 am
And, so it was, he who fights and runs away lives to fight some other day...

Sadly, the day after tomorrow another crisis was not averted, as the elements of peace pilot never took off and left everyone staring at the screen in horror.

Oh no! what do you mean it's been canceled? D:

Comment on Page134 of Jackie's Story
GabrielsThoughts, 29 Aug 2014 12:51 am
Idle Hands...

second only to Dead Man on Campus in funny horror movies... and followed closely by the Addams Family and Child's Play franchise.

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