Real Name: Gabriel Ramon Lopez
Age: 31
Gender: Male

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The blind stares of a million pairs of eyes will never see... The only thing color adds is conspicuity. So, let's start with the obvious. I am a Man. I was born a human being. I spent five years pursuing a degree in visual media. Which, basically means, I was trained to appreciate,create, critique, and analyze, media. Things such as films, video games, art, and other forms media that were developed to enhance human communication have always fascinated me. I was born an American, and, as a result, I was raised to believe that everyone can preform miracles. I was born in Florida, but I currently live in Nevada. I know the difference between facts and opinions. I also know that I create my own reality, and no one can live my life for me.

My Webcomics

Sugar Spice and Feedy Mice
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 6 # Comics: 43
Transient Pulse
Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 27 # Comics: 440

Mr. Pink: Put a Kink in your think

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 5

Helen's L.O.T.

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 1

The Storm Approaches: Rats Depart

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 2

Blockheads with Brainstems

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 20

The "OTHER" Nihilist Recipie Book

Last Update: 3 Years Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 11

Nightmares of La Mancha

Last Update: Never Fans: 1 # Comics: 0

Nyctophobia Pops: A Pop Parody

Last Update: Never Fans: 0 # Comics: 0

Recent Comments

Comment on Hissy fit of The Gray Zone
GabrielsThoughts, 15 Jul 2014 07:50 am
I know what you mean 1ce_k1d, I just witnessed batgirl doing one on deviantart and she wasn't even naked... I assume if those huge mutant proportioned bodybuilders she was fighting at the time somehow manage to overpower her, they will clear that up later. Fortunately, she has superpowers, or that would be really dumb.
Comment on Ch2_Pg7 of HEROIC Villain
GabrielsThoughts, 14 Jul 2014 10:47 pm

I assumed Liang was a third gender, neutral, or self insert type character as one typically finds in games. Even his name is pretty much gender neutral. And, lets be honest, cross dressing and cross play is not out of the question or unacceptable among cartoon characters. Look at the reboot of Daffy Duck for instance, you can't convince me that he isn't a girl half the time.
Comment on Forest Stroll of Zyra Slash
GabrielsThoughts, 13 Jul 2014 12:18 am
Adolescent isn't specific enough to determine actual age, not that it really makes much of a difference.

What gender is the alien? I obviously want to know if the alien has any food allergies or if the atmosphere is harmful to him in any way. Do they drink water or use the bathroom? Is his blood made of acid? can he shoot fire out of any of the openings in his body? Is their native language similar to english or is a translator dewhicky doing all the work?
Comment on Page 18 of MLP:FiM The Oblivion Codex
GabrielsThoughts, 12 Jul 2014 06:48 pm
Doing occasional screen captures in addition to regular backups could prevent that...

The background color of the above page is actually a screen capture of the colored page that I cropped, and lined up with the existing artwork because I didn't want to spend four hours coloring it again.

Chances are, it probably wouldn't take me four hours to color it now, but at the time it seemed really laborious.
Comment on Lifeblood of Serendipity: An Equestrian Tale
GabrielsThoughts, 12 Jul 2014 06:26 pm
My next guess for a name would have been flame or similar.
Comment on Flappy Bird of The Gray Zone
GabrielsThoughts, 12 Jul 2014 01:44 am
This really is an exceptional page...
Comment on 03 - 08 of Lost Nightmare
GabrielsThoughts, 11 Jul 2014 11:48 pm
Have you seen a nightmare with a striped scarf? because I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.
Comment on 19 of GATEKEEPER
GabrielsThoughts, 11 Jul 2014 11:36 pm
Now there's an idea, what if jack's crew didn't get the memo that Olivia wasn't to be trusted and they want to use her as the paper tiger or front runner of their illegitimate services...

Although being in jail for murder kind of nixes that possibility. Then again, a double standard of some sort might help her out in that instance.
Comment on 19 of GATEKEEPER
GabrielsThoughts, 11 Jul 2014 03:18 pm
a lawyer? an FBI agent? perhaps a sick clown?
Comment on EP1 - 48 of What The Pone?!
GabrielsThoughts, 11 Jul 2014 08:54 am
No, don't. Its appropriate. It clearly highlights Celestia's kingdom as a society of castrati.

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