Real Name: Slimecat the Jealous / Latchkey the Fleeting
Age: 33
Gender: Male

About Me

I can supply you with all the official and accredited documentation for proof of identity, resources, and training you could ever need or want in order to prove I'm not playing catfish. Unfortunately, I'm neither an athlete nor a politician so I don't appear in person as expected from paper. I didn't isolate parts of my personality, and I have an incredibly high tolerance for inappropriate behavior. If you must know, I'm the son of a social worker and a rogue. As such, I was conditioned to understate my abilities and allow financing to affect performance.

I've had to learn to articulate my motives, what I believe, and how I would generally behave on instinct... Not because I lack the faculties of mindfulness, charm, intelligence, wisdom, or logic; but because I'm used to people misrepresenting or misreading me, my motives, and my interests. I was a scout and I have training in journalism, I know the importance of traveling light and always being prepared. I also know the importance of being 'paid' to remember. However, I believe things that should be general knowledge can be freely offered and discussed...

My Webcomics

Transient Pulse
Last Update: Completed Fans: 28 # Comics: 342

Blockheads with Brainstems

Last Update: 4 Months Ago Fans: 1 # Comics: 48
Sugar Spice and Feedy Mice
Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 7 # Comics: 43

Mr. Pink: Put a Kink in your think

Last Update: 5 Years Ago Fans: 2 # Comics: 5

The "OTHER" Nihilist Recipie Book

Last Update: 5 Years Ago Fans: 0 # Comics: 11

Recent Comments

Comment on Wait wut? of Jenna's Blog
GabrielsThoughts, 25 Oct 2016 03:19 pm
I heard about a similar story involving a young undergraduate visiting Ireland and sleeping with an octogenarian at a bed and breakfast, he was so ashamed he gave her his best friend's contact information. Four years later, when she died, she gave the best friend a million dollars and thanked him for that wonderful night of passion.
Comment on Ride Home of Jenna's Blog
GabrielsThoughts, 17 Oct 2016 12:59 pm
lol that was a fun story.
Comment on 1-17 of Adventarum
GabrielsThoughts, 26 Sep 2016 04:02 pm
All hail the chibi-reaper's better looking cousin.
Comment on The Offer 02 of Jenna's Blog
GabrielsThoughts, 21 Sep 2016 03:55 am
wow, she's really cheap. The Rom com husband for hire fellah's usually work for minimum wage... granted the ladies usually pick them up with the migrant workers if they aren't already part of the intern staff. I think that one with Ryan Reynolds and the stereotypical devil shrew woman, who lost name recognition apparently, was the last one I saw.
Comment on 1-16 of Adventarum
GabrielsThoughts, 16 Sep 2016 01:42 pm
we want an update, we want an update.
Comment on The Offer 01 of Jenna's Blog
GabrielsThoughts, 16 Sep 2016 01:39 pm
And thus, the legend of pygmalion was born... which is why all men are pyg's, males, and yawn.
Comment on Page 39 of Gefunden
GabrielsThoughts, 16 Sep 2016 02:14 am
If I was predicting the future, or just using my enteric brain to guess with instinct... I have a feeling karma is going to intervene in a way that leads the thief to the silent partner of Clawdia's client. After all, I assume the best brokers are really that clever.
Comment on Fan Art of Jenna's Blog
GabrielsThoughts, 10 Sep 2016 04:05 am
no... the boobs are fine but the rest of it would be disproportioned. . .
Comment on Wild Knights of Crimson Knight
GabrielsThoughts, 10 Sep 2016 04:00 am
Gasp! Holy smokes, you're actually updating. Astounding.
Comment on Recalling The Past of Crimson Knight
GabrielsThoughts, 23 Jun 2016 05:17 am
I almost forgot this comic existed... and I check seemingly abandoned comics all the time.

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