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Pisces | Slytherin | Bee Enthusiast
"What are you doin' here then hobo?" I love that line and have no idea why, just funny XD
Love the page! <3
@anonymous3141: Hah, touche, glad you enjoyed it :)
There always that one person who stays skinny no matter how much they eat while the rest of us gets fat, haha, hope you had fun XD
Oh how I hate when that happens XP
awww bromance <3 (or maybe more~?)
Just so creepy, it's awesome! XD
It's been a pleasure to read <3
oh wow, hot dad! DILF! <3
Oh wow, that first panel is sexy <333
Ooooh, I have a bad feeling, what if he messes up? D:
That little bitch giggled!!! Ggrrr, he needs another smack! D:<
And awesome page, wah, crying </3
@daviddoesntgetit: Aw, not disliking her personaly, just not liking her actions/words.
Yeah, I suspected you probably meant that, I know what you mean~
Fights are horrible, stay clear!
@daviddoesntgetit: Well at least it's an adorable BL manga! Haha, not sure if that made it better~
@daviddoesntgetit: It certainly is!! Learn from the fujoshi masters!
What a bitch!
I don't think it's selfish to expect friends to listen to your problems, although if you are serious when you say, "all the time" I'd be worried.
When I have problems, I like to share them with my friends so they can help. Not ALL my friends, that doesn't work, but my close friend is always there when I need her.
In the case of "all the time" I guess you have to go with the flow of 'thinking about others', meaning even though you just want to rant about something, you also have to listen to their side too, even if you really don't want to.
... I'm starting to think I'm not making sense, but like I said at first, I don't think it's selfish to expect friends to listen to your problems and such. I also still think the girl and whoever else who told you to shut up were very rude and I probably would have said or done something horrible as retaliation.
Reading this comic, it amazed me at the end how these sorta stories are often something you see on the news and such, but for some reason, it's entirely different when someone you admire for online comics talks about his personal experiance of something like this.
... I'm not sure how to finish this comment~~~
@roxjey: its so cute! And sexy, hehe~ I hope you're enjoying it!
@roxjey: *gasp!* how did you know!? XD
This reminds me A LOT of a BL manga I read once........
And I acted the same way Miriam did..........
... Oh boy~~
He's gonna have a HUGE pile of unfinished homework, PILED in front of him, while a queue of students just wait their turn XD
Bad choice Lee, bbbaaaaadddd choice!
Aww :')
Sorry this such an odd comment, but it left me with a smile, this reminds me of myself and my family at times :)