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Hello all~!
It seems you've stumbled upon my profile. How odd. I don't often get visitors here. Anyway, I suppose you'd like to know a bit about me.

I am not really an artist, drawing is more of a thing I do when I'm board. Me? No, I'm a musician, and I'm very slowly working on becoming a rock star. My favorite color is pink though I'm totally best friends with a rainbow. And I am a Pieces. Exciting yes?

Here's hoping we can be friends too~!
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October 26th, 2011
@biffboff: Ah, very cool.
Keep up the awesome comic~!
<333 This page so much~!

I'm working halloween, I'm just hoping it doesn't snow... >>


Have fun in your candy-coma~!
October 26th, 2011
I miss the color, but to a certain extent this style fits it even better~!

<3 box kid~!

I missed Wallis so~!

October 24th, 2011
Wow, the plot for everyone of these is so transparent, and yet it's really entertaining!
@DutchandCover: Wow, I thought I'd posted about that. But you've found it already, so I'm not really sure why I'm replying. XD
She's so cute~!
That is all...
@DutchandCover: Ah, thank you. I went a Tad bit crazy last night. The comic should be back on track next week. And then we probably won't have an update until December. Though my other comic will be updating often.
I need to stop. Right now. And go to sleep.

And here we have it
This is the original concept art from my hello kitty note book where this whole thing began. I post it because of how much difficulty I'm having drawing Nox. If Nox can't be drawn he might end up a pepper with wings.
I forgot how to draw every time I tried to draw Nox. Because he hates me apparently. DX<

Like seriously, I actually stopped drawing and angrily flailed for a couple minutes.

I like how Vox came out. She's a mute (I find this funny because her name means voice in latin) and so she uses a white board to comunicate. She keeps the records for heaven, all the wars and what not... creation myths, any and everything.

Diem is Nox's twin brother. He's a manipulative ass hole (so's his brother (so's your face)) And... that's all I got.

Vox is the first character I created for this comic. And she's also my favorite, no matter how minor she is (and my minor I mean this is probably the only point in the story she'll be in...)
Fucking fuck.
Alright, so I was going to make a real page, all nice and pretty and then I did the layout for the panels and then two weeks passed and I still had NOTHING for this page. So there you have it. You may actually get three filler pages though of Nox, Diem, and Vox. Go you.

i aint even mad...
Happy Halloween
So I know this is a comic about vaguely christian angels, but I still celebrate Halloween. Because I'm not christian. Enjoy this lovely picture of our main character dressed up as a witch for halloween~!

I love how upset that caterpie is. It's adorible.

I need to get my laptop fixed. Oh well. Good to hear that you got your new one all working and what not!
Wow, I literally just laughed out loud.
October 9th, 2011
I love this comic. It's beautiful!

Om nom nom.

Also I think your stick-figure and duck are my new favorite things.
I'm in LOOOVE.

Also his Stache is amazing~!

*revolt*, actually i think that this will be good for you. I enjoy comics if the creator is still enjoying drawing them. So I look forward to your next update, whenever it may be.
Why am I the only fan of this dark, creepy, story?

Anyway. The story telling is hard to follow in places, but I think that's only because you're not inking the words, so that they're more readable.
Other than that, it's a really good story. I can't wait to see the whole thing!