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When life gives you lemons, DON'T MAKE LEMONADE!
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This chapter is going to be much fun for me to draw :) I've waited so long to draw this XD now I can finally do it! Be prepared!!! XD
I'm so sorry!
I just realized that my last update was over a year ago! O_O Thanks for your kind reminder! I hope some of you still want to know how this is going to end ^^" I have such a bad conscience :(
The next pages won't take a year, I promise! >//<

I also bought "Manga Studio" finally, so hopefully you like my new toning-style :)

add me on Facebook to see sooner updates or other stuff from me :)
I'm really sorry, that you all had to wait that long and I fear that's going to happen more often any time soon.
Hope you like the new page!
August 29th, 2011
Das cover ist sehr stark und emotional und ich wollte direkt weiterlesen! Schade find ich nur, dass die Seiten nicht mit Copics coloriert sind óò dabei kannst du das doch so gut! Bin auf jeden Fall gespannt was du hieraus noch machst :D

P.S.: Irgendwie macht es mich glücklich, dass es scheinbar noch mehr Zeichner da draußen gibt, die die Schnauze voll von Animexx haben :D -bro fist-
I promise to upload more than one page when I have my scanner back! :D

@The angel Ruler:
I'm sorry ^^" I already tried to make notes, but somehow... It doesn't work very well as you can see |D"...
Bye, bye Tea!
This is one of my favourite pages ^^ I had so much fun drawing their hair! But sadly this is the last page for now. I forgot my scanner on the desk of my boyfriend and since I'm at home the next week there'll be no uploads v_v I'm so sorry...
But thank you all for commenting and supporting! You're all so great and nice to me T//^//T~ Thank you!
you understand me :D great!

What? XD WHY?
@Faery Goddyss:
Don't worry, I'm not going to draw a sex-scene XD
ok, actually this is the last page my assistant lined XD I just edited the whole first panel digitally, because the girly looked very strange... oh! and did I mentioned it before? She hasn't had a name 'til I visited my father. He named her Tea :D I shortened her in my script just with a "T" for "Tussi" (German word for Chick/ Bitch) so, yeah... that's how I name my charakters usually :D
FINALLY!!! A page lined by myself! :D Can you see the difference?
Last page my assistant lined. Next ones are all lined by me again.
Thank you all by the way for reading my stuff! I'm so happy that you like my story and... I'm so sorry that I make so many grammatical mistakes - I swear they just happened because I translated them during break's. Won't happen again!
I've got a Deja vú |D Somehow I know this page already ;D <3

Really great page by the way! I love the poses, the hair. Even my boyfriend said he liked the page - exept the two eyes in the middle ö_Ö his explanation was stupid, so it is a really great page! ^^ Keep up the good work ;//D <3
I'm SOOOO sorry for the shitty first panel, but I'm really not very skilled in drawing backgrounds v_v...
and... the sentence sounds wrong but I don't know why. Is that proper english?

The next few days I'm at the gamescom in Cologne, so there'll be no updates 'till next week :) Hope you understand that!
next chapter finally arrived! The first few pages where lines by an assistant of mine, so it looks a bit different than before. Sorry 'bout that. Hope you like it anyway! ^^
my scanner shaved sunny XD... I forgot to edit it ^^"
Lucas? You mean Sunny! XD because there is no one named Lucas in THIS story ^^ you mixed it up
yeah, this was also a page my assistant lined, together with the following... 6 or so...
last page of this chapter! The new chapter will be uploaded... dunno.. next week eventually ; ) I'm busy preparing for my final exams.
I'm trying to load up very regularly, maybe not a page every day, but I hope that (despite the fact that I'm very busy studying and working) you'll stay with me and support me! : )