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better answer
If Steve comes better invite him allong for a drink, that way he's a bit more inclined to be kind (for Steve of course ;))
@Joff: maybe Lucy will lend him a hand if he asks nicely?
little mishap?
is it just me or is this the exact same page as 449? 448 seems like a double too.
shouldn't 448 be Comeback 4 and this page (451) be Comeback 8 from your deviantART gallery?
Nice story though and this is a lot easier for an archivebinge than DA
Keep up the good work (and trhe silly)
found you
I was sad to see that your comic wasn't at the old URL, but after some searching I can continue following the story.
Glad to have found you again
poor siren... the sword has an unfair advantage it doesn't need to breathe