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Read through the entire comic again, here's some late tips.

Even with status quo, we haven't seen Eric break character often, we haven't really seen what makes him tick a bit. Which could cause him to become slightly mary sue-ish. He's obivously into video games and is your average preteen gamer boy. But I'd like to see something like a camping adventure with him and his friends without Luff maybe?

I agree that bringing more solid minors into the stories works, and also that the chapters can end abruptly at times. This one ended on an amazing joke, but the entire thing was setup to this moment, so it would have been nice to continue from here for another 10 pages.

Whilst this comic is very lighthearted, I'd love to see it hit serious notes WITHIN the lighthearted. Like with Bindy and Luffinpuff, that was the biggest character developer there. It got serious, but stayed silly.

I'd like to see more on Luff's family, always entice the reader with mystery. But growing the origins of an imaginary friend in this universe. Do they go to school for it? is it a different realm theyre from? Its all questions the fans ask.

I'd like to see an arc about one of Erics friends maybe. Follow him around for a bit, show his life. etc. These things really allow more characters to gain love.

Anywho, this comic is one of my faves, so keep it up! ^^
Amazing! hahaha, I laughed so much.

If I were to give some crit, I'd say Eric needs some development. We know he's an apathetic, teenage kid, but we'd like to see some plots maybe where he has to rely on himeself etc, put Eric in situations where Luffinpuff can't help or he has to face himself etc

kitty icons
TEA icon.
umm..everything. all the icons.

all of them
You are a horribl, horrible human being.

Haha,no I do the exact same thing.

"Who's a smelly little shit? YOU ARE. YOU ARE"

"Aaaawwww, I want to throw you out the window. Yes I doo, Yes I dooo~"

"get off my keyboard. No seriously."
Unrelated, I also believe I may be perhaps one of the minor people who know how to pronounce Llewelyn properly.

I have to say it's REALLY strange seeing Eric get some development here, he's always been the one that doesn't care about anything to even try to talk and show more of his personality off, but this page is REALLY interesting because of it. Good move!
Thank you for the wonderful comics, they're a wonderfully drawn look into the simple nice things and humurous antics of ones life. They're charming, funny and always make me smile. Daily.

You are my desk calender. Coated with tea, husband, cats and tiny pink robots. Thank you :) Always reading.

Happy Birthday to your husband too! :D
Indeed, Remington. It is I, Zobe! =]
canon shipping names?

LuffinBoo or BindyPuff? I like BindyPuff.

...Ereg. XD

I KNEW it would be her. :)
Commence the shipping!
hehehe this one made me smile. and really good posing on the third panel. Very unusualpose.
I actually enjoyed the show for a while due to the messages it conveyed. Unfortunately,whilst they try to show every type of person getting the spotlight, it's always on the pretty white people. The asian characters are never used for anything other than asian jokes and "Hey, don'tmake fun of us being asian". The gay character has become a parody of himself, as Mike says, also his less camp boyfriend now dresses just as ridiculously. and the stereotypes are actually getting somewhat offensive.

I've stopped watching it.
Once again, me and Mike ALL THE WAY. Haha, such relatable comics~

I'm sat with a cuppa tea right now, bundled up in asoft quilt. Bliss~
I have a giant tea mug with a dalek on it. My family KNOW this is my tea mug. and it is coming with me to my new place on Monday.

I love tea milky and sweet. Honey is great~

Stereotypically british here and loving it...damn it Rori. Now I just HAVE to go downstairs and make tea..

Keep up the EXCELLENT work! <3
I make it a personal goal to make my friends pee themselves when I'm making them laugh.

Sometimes I actually succeed. Hehehehehe

It's always worst when you fart and laugh at the same time, in small bursts. and it KEEPS happening. Don't judge me everyone has this happen XD
Yeah, my shoulder/back gave in when Tezzle was over. I was laying in bed all day unable to move. I got really frustrated and forced myself up a couple of times, which HURT LIKE HELL. Tezzle insisted on looking after me and laughed cause I couldn't stop him. Thank god for boyfriends~

But yeah, ouch. Hope you're ok now!
I'm gonna go ahead and guess that...

Anti-Cupid is the god of hate, and an incredibly manly one at that. TESTOSTERONE LEVELS SO HIGH.

and Anti-Juandissimo is a modest fairy with an active dislike for Anti-Wanda. Also he would be French, because everyone knows french is the EXACT opposite to being hispanic :D

Great job so far, so damn accurate!
My entire town is kind of like this.

I have a tab at the pub haha

Gosh now I don't sound quaint at all. I sound like an alcoholic!
I live with the mother that does that. My mother always seemed like the grandmother type..except she parties.

Awesome comic!
Ohh maan, Luffinpuff is always at his best when his flaws shine.

And damn I can't stop reading him being voiced by Tom Kenny. and Eric would probably be Kathie Soucie.

Awesome as usual D: