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I like trains
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man I love son of sam :D I recognized his style immediatley. This is so cool!!!
holy chinchillas that was fast :0.mwell if you do crank out another page I'll be searchin for it
This has to be my favorite webcomic hands down :). I love your style, and i cant wait for the next update
yay she showed up finally. Ive been waitimg for this moment to happen, and it was well worth the wait :')
you know, it does make I wish I had that ability ):
Timothys got a man crush on the old man? or is it just admiration...?
Im all in for the country fish :P.
if thats the new black then I mustbe apart of the outermost reaches of space
thats exactly what I do,every since I was little I've been obsessed with swings, still am. I swing everyday and i still camt fully feed my addiction towards them :)
NO D: I want him to kiss the indie/punk girl at the beginning OTL
It's okay to take a break, and you shouldnt feel guilty about it. Thats not healthy either. Hopefully you have some peace and rest during your time off :]
@SaraDivjak: same :). Plus I like looking at all the blurs of light. To me its kind of like being in a different place,peaceful at most.
I wish I had something like that to keep my insomnia at bay. Instead I just look out the window and wait for the sun to come up :)
Peter Parker :]. I love spiderman, plus he can do some badass kick boxing and gymnastics, and has a cool costumne.
poor guy D: how about I just marry him so he wont be sad anymore ),:
@3o-s-knight yep I do. I just need to put an icon up. And I think its original :]. Its inspired me at least!
nice job, I love your style :)
oh yeah shes checking him out ;]. Blake and her seem like the best couple in my opinion .___. *apologizes*
August 4th, 2011
wow so beautifully done. what type of pens do you use to ink?