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cover. bare with me ya'll; i'm just playing around with digital coloring, lololol.
jack. <3
Jack, the jackalope shinwa. :)

owned by school friend ryen pigford.
yves-marie. <3
this shinwa is based off the melusine mythos from northern france. she is an aquatic-serpent like being, when in legends, her legs split into two serpent-like tails.

now, what you'll find in this world is that myths based on that country are only mass produced for that country. its extremely expensive to purchase one, from, say, japan.

this melusine was purchased in france by Francesca Eudora Darling's father (she just had to have it now, daddy!)

her name is yves marie.
tigger. <3
based off the wampus cat mythos from the southern us.

the wampus cat will be owned by tyson's new student friend, ariel holte. his call name is tigger. because, every kitty obviously needs to be named tigger. duh.
little foot <3
owned by tyson brannigan. (or will be! n_n)

based off of the sasquatch mythos in the us; this sasquatch's call name is little foot!
eight fans! <3 love ya'll.

still messing around; i'm not sure i like the layered shading -- it looks all kinda merged together. i'll keep playing with it, and hopefully find a happy middle. :)
<3 <3 <3
so i finally got my shizzle together! so, i've never colored in the program -- and i kinda like this sketchy look.... what does survey say!? this project is more about me growing, and my storytelling and conveying messages with art than anything -- so we'll be taking style journeys like this one. :)

and for those who commented, thank you so much! <3

edit: for those who didn't realize, she is standing in front of a door on a stoop. I thought conveying the door with scribbles was kosher. n_n
so my computer died, and school started. i had to buy a new computer, and i'm truly sorry for the month of inconvenience! i still don't have all my programs in tip-top shape, so I had to do the balloons in a less-than-stellar way. oh well... :/ enjoy. x__x
September 2nd, 2011
and so it begins
It's starting! omg. Look!

I color everything, and then grayscale it, which is my method. I'll hopefully be able to release the colored versions when/should interest spark to see them. :)
This page was so hard to draw; I really kind of rushed it. Buildings aren't my favorite. =/
Cover I had originally constructed, but decided not to use. :) Featured anyway!