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Nice to know
The white and black headpieces show the rank of the women in the order. New women who haven´t sworn the eternal profession yet wear a white one and are called noivice.
The eternal profession is the oath a sister swears when deciding to stay in the order for all her live. it´s like a marriage to god. In many orders the nuns even wear rings.
Why the bones?
In or under every catholic altar you can find some kind of relic, like the bones of some saint, their shoes or a splint of jesus cross. It is to make the altar sacred since the holy mass is hold on it. Sometimes the relic was shown as open as here.
I kinda forget to wirte anytihng
Sooo. I wanted to explain stuff here so I´m gonna explain stuff now:

In case someone doesn´t know, when entering a christian order women used to and still cut off their hair. They lay down everything attracting in a way when i remember correctly.
I want to get to the creepy parts again as soon as fast as possible, but the characters need some time to be intodruced. Anyway be assured, there will be creepieness soon
Those evil eyes are really just one example of the many folklore the christian church influenced at this time.
Go away
Barbaras hair is killing me.
So babs is not that good of a holy maiden. Get going girl!
February 27th, 2015
Serious talk
Babsi should be prepared.
Barbara will be more important than she was originally created...years ago. While shading this page I got a bunch of new ideas for her.
@Motch: Thank you so much!
February 21st, 2015
I am really...slow. I know but I tend to do so many things at once.
So now that you got a feel in with the main character, off we go! a week or so. School starts again.
Here we go
As you can see. The puppet got a function. What exactly will be explained. But her. The Aufhocker found his end.
A marrote/marotte (whatever) resembles the jester.
This one is a little speacial and out friend the Aufhocker has a every right to dislike it
Kicking your ass obviously
When will the prologe end?
I really want to get on with this so I can start the first chapter and intodruce the others
Long time no see!
What a wonderful plottwist!!!
wow!!! Your style and storyline fit into each other so perfectly and you´ve written such a beautiful story here!!! One of my favourite comics here X3
A "Aufhocker" or "Huckup" is an old german mythical creature, descriped as an old man or goblin that climbs on the backs of drunken persons or hikers.

In older stories the huckup was said to be a corpse rising from it´s grave. It would wander around, climp on the back of a person and let them carry it back to the wall of it´s graveyard or to the grave. As the huckup become more and more haevy with every step the victims often broke down from exhaustion or even died.
It was said that you can make the huckup get off your back by chanting prayers.
September 29th, 2014
"She is beautiful!"

(The end :D)