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My names Calum (aka Mars the Hedgehog) I like sonic,mario,naruto and dragonballz
My Good friends:
Comics im working on:
Carr's Sprites - Remember to PM me if you want your sprites and shit up there
Sonic Tournament - Trying my best to improve it
Pokemon Champions - The story line is so cool you guys should check it out
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Sorry about the 25 day wait but here you go Chapter 4 on the way
@Fusion Kirby: Isnt Gastly a Ghost type
@TheProjectCore:damn it, i suppose i'll that in my next comic
@kwane:you win -_-
@kwane: fair enough Professor Oak could do with better sprites but Brenden's sprites havent been updated since Emerald
yeah alright i will join pokemon orcanium
Ever wandered what would happen if all Red,Ethan,Brendan,Lucas and Blair went on a adventure together, well now you can on this epic journey
nope Im not making there pokemon and Im using the pokemon on how others have played it
Lol yes I know that Lucas and Blair arent cousin but oh well
thanks guys the story's going to become epic soon
this took me long whew
thats not yours
thanks for the advise
Yes I know Prof Oak is the old generation sprite
The front page of an epic adventure
I know but its more easier calling him Omega Red
what do you mean 'stop using the first spritesheet as an excuse' this really is my first spritesheet and yes I will improve my spriting skills