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Hunter is a figment of Stephan's imagination that mostly serves to motivate and annoy Stephan into doing work.
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    Hunter Severn Bonyun
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Out of town!
Sorry for the single blank page this week, I'm out of town and won't be able to edit it! Thanks for understanding and see you next week!
Read the description on the previous page! Thank you!
Hooo boy, better late than never. I swear I haven’t ;t even been at my home computer for the past three weeks, so here’s two pages for you guys! Thanks for all the lovely comments and support, you guys are the best and we love reading your fan theories.
Soooooo I'm forgetful! Surprise. Here's two pages to make up for my lack of updates. Also tomorrow is my day off so we're gonna post these a bit early! Have a great Easter and a wonderful weekend!
Eyyy guys! Sorry for the delay! I had some major deadlines, my birthday and a migraine and things got away from me! Here's your new page. :)
Aaahhaaaah hey again guys! this week was totally nuts and I forgot to update again. Family was in town and i nearly broke my foot! Fun times!
@Huntered45: It's not as far along as the smackjeeves updates, unfortunately. We started using tumblr much later than smackjeeves.

CH3 PG48
posted February 20th, 2019, 9:15 pm

CH3 PG49
posted February 20th, 2019, 9:16 pm


I wouldn't want to be "cheaty" about posting our free comic or anything.

Perhaps you can tell us how to improve our system of posting 2 pages whenever one is a blank (as we have done since day one of this comic's inception), to posting "a second panel" when one is a blank.

Always looking for new ways to improve the comic!
@Huntered45: Yep!
@Huntered45: It's a secret, but there have been hints dropped through the whole comic for those super sleuths.
Oops! Forgot to post this monday, the holidays had me distracted :)
This is how the page was intended!
Aaaaaand we're going back to weekly updates now :) I'll try to put out a page every monday or tuesday, depending on scheduling. If you've got any questions my email as been updated on smackjeeves. Or you can find me on tumblr, twitter, instagram, DA, or patreon... pretty much anywhere.

Since there was a black page I'm uploading two today.

New Page, Who Dis?
Wow. So. Uh. Hi there. My name is Hunter, my name is on this comic, but I haven't actually contributed anything to this comic (aside some old promo art, ideas, and lots of nagging) ever. I was actually given the responsibility to update smackjeeves along with Tumblr way back in April and due to some massive miscommunication... I thought Steph was still updating Smackjeeves. I wasn't getting notifications from this site due to them all being funneled into the email I used to sign up to this site with, which is a dead email account and I never thought to check it due to me believing Steph was still reporting on it. So my apologies. If you must sling dirt, sling it at me. The author only ever wanted to do a fun comic and share that story with others.

The long and short is, the situation here was brought my attention from some very cool Patrons and I immediately jumped to see what I could do to fix this. Turns out, not a lot can be done to fix the last eight months, aside time traveling (and i'm no hero of time), all I can do it get back on the bandwagon of updates and apologize for the long silence.

With that being said, I'll post four pages this week and then start the updates on a weekly basis after that on every monday or tuesday. Happy 2019?

@creativedemi64: I'm not personally being critiqued here but I think stephan's response to what you said regarding their art was polite. They can take critique well and I think asking what they can do to make their art better is a perfectly reasonable request. I, who am not the artist of this comic, still do not understand your correlation of 'girly' to 'most characters women draw look the same'. You were very clear in your first post with what you meant and I don't think being a fine artist is an excuse to make the generalizations you did. I'm not discussing your critique at all and never was, I'm discussing your opinions on what you think 'feminine' art is versus 'masculine' art and why it isn't just 'art'. I would recommend in the future though if you have a critique just come out and say it, instead of trying to sugar coat it by saying 'well it's okay because you're a girl' or 'its a girly style and girly styles don't need to be good'. Just state 'you characters look the same'. This is a fair thing to say, I'm more concerned with how horribly you dragged gender into it.

You said: 'they [women] will very rarely draw a masculine style', which by your own definition stated earlier in the post is 'they exaggerate the truth of our appearance. Also their characters are not easily mixed up, they all look different, easily to recognize who’s who'. Having characters differentiated from each other is a fundamental to good design. Drawing what you see if a necessary fundamental to being an artist at all. Exaggerating the truth is something that all artists do across the board, not just men. i don't know if you're main frame of reference is marvel and DC comics but if it is then i don't anyone could tell those characters apart if it weren't for their hair styles and garishly coloured costumes, something you accused of being exclusive to women and their art.

I just can't wrap my head around your insistence that formal style for women is inherently beautiful, mesmerizing, etc, because this is also a complete falsity and has been since the renaissance. Being flowy or pleasing to the eye does not equate femininity. Even ignoring your previous statements about modern comics and female artists drawing 'mostly attractive, flowing hair, smooth features, and great cloths, all their characters look similar (it becomes harder to tell the characters apart or even their gender)', this still doesn't pan out. Mucha and Da Vinci drew exclusively beautiful artworks of women and similarly looking men and were never seen as having 'girly' art styles or allowed to draw bad art because it's girly.

I'm sorry if this is getting long but I can't get over your opinion, I'm aware that it's that, an opinion, but it seems to be based entirely on non-existent facts.
@creativedemi64: I understand the bit about their body types being similar (as they're ten year old children who haven't hit puberty yet) and it being hard to tell them apart is a fair enough critique (i'm not actually the artist for the pages so i will let stephan respond to that), however I'm going to have to call bullshit on your assumption that men can draw real characters and women can only draw aesthetically pretty characters.

I have compared male and female artists and what you're saying just isn't true in the slightest. This is just so incredibly and blatantly sexist that I can't help but be offended by such a sweeping statement; that women only want pretty things and men only want substance (which is just not true if you look at any male-drawn mainstream comics, ever).

some girl artists:

some male artists:

This is just off the top of my head. Not to mention that a ton of shoujo manga artists are men while lots of shounen manga artists (Full Metal Alchemist, for instance) are women. Women do not draw differently than men and this statement / mind-set hurts the industry and all artists. This is a preconception because this is what people think girls want, everything made for girls is made 'pretty' 'frilly' 'pink'; this is what the industry gives them and what they're told is acceptable to be like (an industry full of men, creating for girls). This isn't even just a problem in the art world, but in the north american mindset overall.
@creativedemi64: But what's a girly style and what makes it girly? D:
@creativedemi64: What is a 'girly' style and why is it bad?

Either way I'm glad 'it will do'.
@AshFisher: Yeah, that's true, also zelda is hot-headed and unwise, and ganon has no power... it's almost like there's room for character development?!

Also we're aware haha. The first time was a mistake, every other time it's shown up since then it's been on the right hand.