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name:john genyard
likes:pokemon,sprite comics,sonic,beyblade,kirby,anime,kingdom hearts,gogo's,and final fantasy.
dislikes:fighting,trolls,bad people,horrible video games,magikarp.
motto:"never give up,unless your a dick"
friends:awsome guy,meta knight the hedgehog,steamingbullet,hayden,chrono z,dangernoah.
inspration:sonic and pals,tony the hedgehog,sonic logic,bob and george,national dex.
favriote songs:live and learn,what i'm made of,seven rings in hand,open your heart,i can go super sonic,animal i have become,ties that bind,jake the snake roberts theme song.

if i forget about you in the friends list,pm me.

pokemon pearl friend code: John 0132 5792 8836
3ds friend code: 3652 1055 6645
  • Real Name
    zora zindu
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i vote for mirror.
how about the plot involve a tournament,and whoever wins...well you can think of the prize.
@Xenocide: ok then credit blitz bases,too.
@TouhouShake: ok...just so you know,i cant update as using school pc to post these.
a revamp to zora.use for comics im in and friend poses
@TouhouShake: this one is needed.its an update to my old one.dont be mean...
just so you know, drazin dosent like scorch.i based his personlaity off of scorches.
this is my last revamp...i give credit to all people whose sprites i used.feel free to use them for friend poses.
finally finished! i wont update for a while,but this is for use on comics you want me in.
and yes,his name is tdap.
finished!this is only for this comic.i cant update still. credit to jade for the head
sorry i couldn't talk or comment for a while. my connection got broken for a while,but its back on! still,i can't make comics
February 4th, 2012
Best...Comic...EVER!!! i love this comic!
@IwillbenapoPRODUCTIONS: well, thanks. i guess i can stay.
hey... bad news. im thinking of leaving smackjeeves... i feel bad that i can't make comics. i don't want to be a vexatious moron. so if you want me to stay, let me know.
OK...does anyone play pokemon pearl? if so, here is my friend code:0132 5792 8836 and name is John.
This comic is awesome! hopefully it won't be too long before it starts up again.
Zora has this form called zephyrus,where he can control the power of ultimixia.