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I like anime and manga. Drawing and writting! ^^; :);)XP XD ^.^ :( ;( @.@ :B :P :D aren't face fun.
you can fin me On
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I probably won’t update for the next two weeks. I’m going on a much needed vacation after leaving a very stressful job! So I will be back but for now I’m just gonna enjoy my family. So take care and see you in two weeks!
Cute Eevee. And good luck.
Page 11
I guess this didn’t upload at bad.
Look I actually put effort into this page.🙀
Page 8.
Page 7.
Page 7.
Ok if this doesn’t work I’m shaving my hair lol.oh and noticed I missed numbered the pages so sorry.Also sorry about the lo. Quality and the strang look. I tried something new it work.Wont do it again.
Page 4.Who is this woman and why is she hugging Kai.
Yep another page. I felt like drawing another one.
Title page
Hey guys! New comic. This is just gonna be a sketch comic so don’t expect much lol. This comic wii be a little dark but hopefully funny too.... anyways no update scheduled as of now just whenever I feel like it.
The exactly how I feel at work......
Wow. This page is beautiful.
Omg.haha no wonder it w as so cheap.
Too many trees not enough space!!!!!
This is pretty.