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I like anime and manga. Drawing and writting! ^^; :);)XP XD ^.^ :( ;( @.@ :B :P :D aren't face fun.
This is nice. I like how you did the hair and eyes.
September 14th, 2017
I think it looks nice like it.
Your drawings are just too cute! Nice page.
So this is not a page but an announcement. I will soon be deleting the current pages here and I will be redoing this. I was unhappy with the version so I've been playing around with different ideas and think I found something wrothy of my babies. So yes I love my characters from this comic so sometime hopefully in the near future I will start the reboot, for now enjoy the previews
Omg Chu looks so cute with those ears!
Very nice page. I love the eyes in the last panel.
I like your black and white work. Keep it up.
I like your watercolor artwork.You've ome a long way.I read some of you early works and read all of this one.Cardboard angel is my fav by the way.Keep up the good work.
Not a smart thing to say at an anime convention.
Dawww this page is super favorite so far.
I hope things get better for you.
That swim suit somehow seems painful.
Glad your doing better. :)
He loks so cute as werewolf.That probaly weird to say but look at that face.
Happy belated birthday.
Wow talk about blunt.What a jerk
Julian with a kitten.