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I like anime and manga. Drawing and writting! ^^; :);)XP XD ^.^ :( ;( @.@ :B :P :D aren't face fun.
you can fin me On
I love the third panel.haha. I think I like this guy.
Nice comic there cute together. I'm glad they were both happy in the end.
That somehow still seems like a bad plan.
Oh no!!!! He got his period!!! I'm sorry I had to make that joke lol nice page.
Is it bad that I want his pjs lol.
Cute.Any update is better then none right.
I have to say I love your coloring. You must be very pacent for all these pages to be so beautifully colores.and with color pencil at that. Keep up the good work I like this story.
February 1st, 2018
I'm both happy and sad to see this come to and end. I hope to see more from you. And good luck with your kickstater.
That's exciting. :) I've been reading this comic since it excited for the end.
This page made me laugh. Though I have to ask what do the first 2 panels say?
This was both sweet and sad. You did a good job.and that moth was absolutely adorable. I felt sad when It dies.
This is nice. I like how you did the hair and eyes.
September 14th, 2017
I think it looks nice like it.
Your drawings are just too cute! Nice page.
So this is not a page but an announcement. I will soon be deleting the current pages here and I will be redoing this. I was unhappy with the version so I've been playing around with different ideas and think I found something wrothy of my babies. So yes I love my characters from this comic so sometime hopefully in the near future I will start the reboot, for now enjoy the previews
Omg Chu looks so cute with those ears!
Very nice page. I love the eyes in the last panel.