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My name is Kyo…. that’s all you need to know….no seriously I’m a very boring person lol.
Very cute so far.
Aww puppies are a lot of work but so fun!!!Enjoy the little angels.
Pooh I like this nice and creepy.
Kuso it mean sh***
Omg I just realized what her shirts says lol.
Update also if haven’t already check my most recent short
Any Doubts?
And if you’re interested in my old work check out my old short story collection from 2009-2011

Thanks for reading spread the word and feedback is always welcomed and appreciate
I love his eyes in the first panel!They look so beautiful!
Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t updated here on while i having issues with uploading and didn’t want to deal with it. But I fix it and now we’re all caught up. Next update should be Friday or Thursday night. So see ya then take care.
Uh-oh we're in trouble.
I need that apron lol.
Haha Eve sounds like me. I do this especially with spiders even though I'm scared of them.
Hey I’m back hers an update 😸!
Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I probably won’t update for the next two weeks. I’m going on a much needed vacation after leaving a very stressful job! So I will be back but for now I’m just gonna enjoy my family. So take care and see you in two weeks!
Cute Eevee. And good luck.
Page 11
I guess this didn’t upload at bad.
Look I actually put effort into this page.🙀
Page 8.