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Haha! You've still got it, buddy! XD
This episode has been over a year in the making. Enjoy! ^_^
Funny stuff! XD
Reply to Dadash
Not if I have any say in the matter.

Zeldish isn't dead, but in stasis.
Rumor Has It...
Rumor has it that Zeldish will be returning soon...
It was more plot-driven than usual. Perhaps that's why you didn't find it so funny this time around.
Zeldish has a new professional look! What do you guys think?
This is a really cool series! I hope you continue it! ^_^
I really enjoy your comic! It has a nice flow to it, and when I got to the last one, I said "nooooooooooo!" out loud.

Very nice job! I'll add this to my favorites...
Great job! I really like your style! I shall watch on with interest! ^_^
Funny! I like this comic!
Funny! Happy Easter!
Yay! Another Guest Comic!
Yay! Another guest comic! This one was made by Mr. Fish, a sprite comic artist that you will start to hear more from very soon.

Absolutely hilarious! I love this comic! Thanks, Mr. Fish! If anyone else wishes to submit something, feel free to! I need fillers 'till Easter Sunday. That's when I launch Chapter Two of Zeldish.
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That's the humor.
Funny comic! I loved how it was poking fun at different genres and the way you play it before getting to the big bad boss.
You never cease to amaze me! I just might have to make this my most favorite so far. Excellent job! This one really made me laugh!
Dopo mee gusha, peedunkey?
The only thing I could translate from "jlH qID, SoH nejpu'!! Dark-NESS MuHta' Cha" was "I'm...Darkness...torpedoes." And no, I'm not a Trekkie. Just resourceful. Great comic, man!

Bargon u noa a-uyat. (Huttese)

My tree sprites and background originally came from downloadables for Game Maker. Thanks for the comments, guys!
This first comic is almost a year old. I have greatly improved since then. But at least I was able to get the plot going!