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Hello, My name is Jax. I'm a part time pharmacy student who loves drawing, storytelling, and comics. Follow me on my adventure of trying to keep my webcomic Not Quite There running!
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@PurpleChickenPineapple: Thanks! I'm glad you like it and I will definitely try to keep at it.:)
Haha…sorry I couldn’t resist! Happy April Fools Everyone, there’ll be a real update this Sunday! The inspiration for the outfits came from a funny video that you can find on fablefloor website. The Kill La Kill fandom kills me, haha.
Sorry for the hiatus, I’ll definitely try to update more often since I don’t have as much of a work load this quarter. Thanks for sticking around.
This'll be the last update for wednesday! I'll be moving updates to sunday to facilitate my busier work week. Thanks for reading!

@ginkonut: ahhh yes I'm glad you like it! I hope you have a happy new year dear.=v=
Happy Holidays everyone! NQT will be returning January 8th and I hope everyone is having a good time with loved ones.:)
Happy Holidays!
Hey guys, thanks for the continued support by reading my little webcomic endeavor. The comic will be taking a short break for the holidays and will resume posting in the new year.

Thanks for reading!
Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of update last week, I was very busy preparing for a con the past weekend so it skipped my mind!

Wooh! Hello, first page! Hope everyone's as excited as I am! Thanks for taking an interest in my webcomicking endeavor and don't forget to vote for NQT on TWC, you can find a link to the vote page under the comments section.:)

Ant and Chell
Hello! Though I won't be starting updates until next wednesday, I thought you guys would like a little artwork of the main characters for the story. Check back next week for the the first page on smackjeeves or read the current update on the main website linked above!:)

A New Webcomic Is Born
Hello! Welcome to the Not Quite There smackjeeves site! The site isn�t quite ready as I am still tinkering with it but here�s some cover art for you guys. The comic is already being posted on it's main site which you can find in the links. I'll start posting pages here in about two weeks, which means there is about a 2 month gap between pages posted here and pages posted to the main site. Thanks for your interest and I hope you�ll stick around for the shenanigans.

Yaaaaay! Congrats for Hemlock and Josceline Fenton!C:
August 17th, 2011
I've just picked up your comic and I've got to say, it's rather amazing! I'm so in love with it right now and can't wait for future updates.C:
I made of a word just to show how awesome this comic is. I'm very glad to have stumbled upon this! Keep up the amazing work!.:)