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what is SWDS?
@Venalitor: considering they forgot to renew their own licenses, they are not reliable enough for her
that looks to be slightly above average painful
All the people, its a great story for picking up girls at the bar withs
the solution is in how she tries to tickle you back. give her a sonic wash ahead of time and declare it to be a tickle fight free for all.
@Connors: Did you mean for it to be a reply to my post?
if so then I would say it makes no sense for him to have some sort of "fear of hybrids" because of it since he was rescued within seconds of being placed in an interrogation chair (all they had time for was to ask him a sentence and for him to wisecrack). And no sharp objects were involved at all.
scared of hybrids with scissors near his face?
what a racist...
@man in black: that is his mom's credit you are giving him.
someone is talking down the unstoppable murder machine... and you shoot at her again with the guns that were proven to have no effect on her?

someone is really trying for a darwin award
what? I thought he was an angel because:
1. god hired him
2. bloodline

redeem what? and since when is dark evil and light good in this comic? and what does morality even have to do with this fight?
now steve is unprotected, he could quickly go posses him
@ZReporter: it isn't steve's powers, its the halo he got from his grandpa
@Laugeo: I see now
thank you
what is happening in panel 2 and 3?
until he was zapped i was a little scared
ah, the classic "killing them counts as a sacrifice"
smart man, steve.
dragon soul
the knight is using a dragon soul in his armor which he took from the dragon family living down there
October 2nd, 2014
slice of life is stuff happening though, important character development.

it was the long arena segment where nothing was happening
@Slimey Jenkins: the fear was only displayed after a show of force
smart enough to roll their eyes and shrug at such a question is smart enough