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Comment on #1369 - Where it's heading of Life & Death
MrTTAO, 21 Mar 2014 10:59 am
I am confused...
so this ISN'T a dream?
Comment on Licensed Heroes Comic 160 of Licensed Heroes
MrTTAO, 20 Mar 2014 11:29 pm
"Oh no, the princess was kidnapped!"
"I better file the paperwork".
heh, this comic makes me laugh.
Comment on Ch11 07 of Spellcross
MrTTAO, 17 Mar 2014 07:53 pm
ah, awkward high-school romance... or rather, lack of romance and just pining and not gathering up the courage to say something.
Comment on Pg5 of By The Book
MrTTAO, 15 Mar 2014 09:58 pm
Love the midna vote incentive
Comment on Pg4 of By The Book
MrTTAO, 13 Mar 2014 04:57 pm
explaining your strength and weaknesses to the opponent never ends well
Comment on Ch11 02 of Spellcross
MrTTAO, 05 Mar 2014 09:05 pm
very cute
Comment on #1357 - Just starting of Life & Death
MrTTAO, 21 Feb 2014 09:36 pm
Where is the Halo?
Comment on Ch10 19 of Spellcross
MrTTAO, 15 Feb 2014 09:24 pm
pretty ungrateful people in that crowd
Comment on Ch10 17 of Spellcross
MrTTAO, 10 Feb 2014 10:01 pm
I was thinking less of an explosion of gore and more literal healing harmfully.
"Heal" the esophagus shut and they choke.
Next time they blink "heal" the eyelids shut. etc.

But if you don't want such things there are many ways to tone it down.

You could say that the concept of ownership makes it very easy to resist hostile body shaping. You could say that the healer is channelling and infusing positive energy which allows the body to automagically heal itself (and thus its out of the healer's control), you could have healing be granted by an external power (some spirit?) that limits it to actual healing. etc etc.

So yea, when I said it I wasn't thinking right. In retrospect there are many ways healing would be limited from battle
Comment on Ch10 17 of Spellcross
MrTTAO, 10 Feb 2014 09:35 pm
It just occurred to me how extravagant and expensive this system of getting contacts is. I guess giving them a pencil and a notebook titled "friends" is just not glowy enough :)

That being said, I LOVE the idea and would pay money for it if it was possible IRL. Because cool factor in your daily life is awesome for morale

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