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What I love?

Anime, Manga, Music, Games (PC&PS2), Drawing, Sleeping, Movies, T.V. . . . There's so much *sweat drop*
Shounen-ai!!! ^-^
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Yay! I just read it through! I love your comic! ^-^ <3

I love Xin! He reminds me of someone! yay! Woot for Xin! ^-^

Instant Fav!
Yay! It looks adorable!! ^-^
April 16th, 2007
It's father! ^0^
He's always so cute! ^-^
YAy! Jon returns! ^0^ *cheers*
Jon! You must check your computer!! >_<
Aiiee! It's very cute and the sketchiness is a good effect!

Yay! Instant fav! *w*
Haha! I love you're art, my old comics strats off this way too. ^-^ So Cute! Instant Fav! ^-^
Yay! manabe-san is part of Gang? Whichever! yay! ^0^ Funny >//<
Yay! I love this comic! Instan Fav! ^-^

It's so funny ^0^
I agree, you're screentone skills are waaay good..

She doesn't understand? What's going on?...What does she think is going on? 0_o...^-^
I love your comic, it's so amusing especially Metis! ^-^
Yay! I'm a fan ^-^
Yesh! I miss Jon too >_<

But I love the last panel, the scared people looked awesome ^_^
Yay for Kei! ^-^

Uhm..I'm not very good but can I make you a fan art too?

I'm a big fan ^-^

I promise I'll do my best! X_x
March 15th, 2007
Is that from what I think it is? It kinnda looks like a creaure from a game I play.
RO? ^-^
Wee~ First comment! ~ Jons embarrased shocked look is cute~ <3
Hehe, ya. Im a jonxdavid fan! <3
Waaah! Poor Jon >_< I feel so sowee for him *sob* I hope it works out *sniff sniff*

Cool Comics btw I love it!! ^-^
January 24th, 2007
Eh? What innocence? That word seems to have left me years ago ^//^ Oh dear Kuwee~
*nods head* shinigamichan speaks the truth! ^-^
Kwuee~ I wuv your comics! <3
Update it!! Wahahahaha! XD
Puh-lease~ ^-^
January 22nd, 2007
Yay! It's so kewl~ More!! XD
What's wrong with Banjoko? 0_o I hope he's alright ^-^
January 22nd, 2007
I love your art and the story!! Please continue ne?

^-^ Kuwee~ ~<3
Hasn't anyone ever told him not to go into strangers rooms? Hwehehehe. Cute comic, I'm in love wioth it already ~<3
Kwuee~ ^-^

And yes. . .He does talk too much doesn't he? And where's brother dear? XD