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1. Ohio
2. Stormpilot (Star Wars fan slash pairing) and Shieth (Voltron Legendary Defender fan slash pairing)
3. Hmmm, I never put thought into it actually...
December 7th, 2017
Idc this page is hot!
I love how real this is!!! A lot of first times are fumbling and awkward and I'm really enjoying reading about a couple's first time that isn't picture perfect! Thank you!
Oh I hope they dance!!! :D
December 3rd, 2017
Oh wow! He looks amazing!
I just love this page!
I died a little, these two are beautiful together!
@SoulRaider116: Your whole comment is true! I just love him!
I don't mind it slow, it's so lovely! They are so sweet to each other!
These two pages are utterly beautiful!
She's adorable lol
October 28th, 2017
I really love the look of this page! So peaceful...
Wth is that noise?!?
Gah! They are too cute!
I feel bad for Kim, he's a closeted homosexual who just heard his "friends" call the kiss gross and has to be at a table where they are literally making guys kiss guys into some childish game.
I really really want him to call them on it, but I especially want him to call out Kylee, like seriously, don't play along with that BS!
Caspar's expression! He looks amused! I love it!
Oh! I caught up! Nooo lol, can't wait until the next update!
I loved all of these sex Ed pages! Great info!
They are adorable lol!
Yes! I was waiting for this! They are so awkwardly adorable I was wondering how this would be for them lol!
Case is all in lol!