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Gah! They are too cute!
I feel bad for Kim, he's a closeted homosexual who just heard his "friends" call the kiss gross and has to be at a table where they are literally making guys kiss guys into some childish game.
I really really want him to call them on it, but I especially want him to call out Kylee, like seriously, don't play along with that BS!
Caspar's expression! He looks amused! I love it!
Oh! I caught up! Nooo lol, can't wait until the next update!
I loved all of these sex Ed pages! Great info!
They are adorable lol!
Yes! I was waiting for this! They are so awkwardly adorable I was wondering how this would be for them lol!
Case is all in lol!
Oh! ASL!!!
That's my girl! Love that she took the first step!!! Adorable!
Nooo Cage! Aww he's so nervous!
Omg he's adorable! I can't wait until he meets her properly!
Wes is being childish af and it's got me suspicious...
That last panel! My goodness Joa! Beautiful indeed!
Make you what!? What?!
Omg my heart! Wtf is he gonna say while gripping Wyatt's dick lol!?
Oh and all that dirty talk leading up to this was fantastic *swoon*
I already liked Tommy, but this page made me love him! He's so matter of fact and unashamed and it's great! So tired of seeing/reading about guys thinking they might be gay and freaking out that they aren't "manly" anymore. Tommy's cool with whatever he may be, he doesn't care right now and it's not a big deal an I love it!