Let's just say I'm one of those lucky ones that didn't grow out of Pokemon.
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When the Internet itself has no pictures of Zapdos with wings in a state other than "spread wide", you know drawing it just standing there with them folded is gonna be tough. Seriously, look at any art of Zapdos and tell me the wings don't look like unbendable plates. Such a weird design, it's always bothered me.
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Go change into your previous outfit, Cathy, Chapter X is starting.
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Oooh, someone has a personal hero!
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She's 21, what did you expect?

And now I realize Cathy was older then me when I started the comic, but is now way younger. We've been at it for a while, haven't we.
@Meta-Akira: Alright, gonna change it to Meta-Akira then. By the way, did you not receive the Pareon message from me? You've earned yourself a cameo, so contact me about that sometime soon.

And man, your money was of course just a part of the price, but I can't thank you enough, 'cause the Cintiq is fantastic. There're so many things it simplifies and speeds up for me - and I'm still discovering new ones. Yonkoma Nuzlocke should really benefit from it in the long run - since for now I'm getting into the new groove, but I can tell once I get used to it, drawing will be much more fun and faster.
Okay, time's up: from top to bottom the colored buttons represent the hair colors of Bill, Bianca and Doug - the three people who owned/held onto Zaiji.

And the two kanji symbols visible on Vang's hairband are 戦 ("sen" from "Senshi") and 歯 ("ba" from "Kuroba") meaning "war, battle" and "tooth" respectively.
@DarkFlame6742: Oh, I almost never update with less then tree strips at once, so it's not actually a big thing for me to drop five of them. But I'm glad you like it.

The Gary x Sabrina ship name I believe was decided to be shipshipping (see strip #235) and while it was mostly a joke, feel free to use it. As to when they're coming back... Who knows. Probably soon though, since I can't get enough of them either.
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Let's get serious for a moment here, let's get solemn.
For this is a moment of passing. A new beginning, yet also an end.

The strip you see above is the very last strip of Yonkoma Nuzlocke drawn with the use of the good friend of mine, the Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL-470. This little tablet was the very impulsive purchase that allowed Yonkoma Nuzlocke to begin and has ever since been a trusted ally on this journey we've set on together over four years ago. I bought it with financial limitations in mind, perfectly aware that I was getting perhaps the least impressive of what didn't seem like complete trash. Nonetheless, I can now officially say, as we part ways, that at no point was I dissatisfied with its service. Perhaps the best way I can summarize this little piece of tech is this: It did not surprise me with what it could do, no. But it surprised me with what I could do. And just for that, I felt the need to write a nice goodbye for it.

But yeah, the point is I have literally just now been delivered a brand new Wacom Cintiq 13HD and I am way excited. I have been noticing for quite some time that whenever I doodle my characters on paper, even without trying much, they tend to look better and come from under my hand way faster. So I took the leap and decided to try ditching the disconnect of essentially "drawing without looking" and get myself one of those fancy "drawing right on the screen" thingies. One shameful splurge of money later - not without the help of a particular Meta-Akira, baby, that's right! - and a new era for my drawings begins. I don't want to promise any great leap in quality or time efficiency just yet, but I have high hopes.

And don't you guys worry about the old Bamboo, it is not broken and works perfectly fine still. It's quite possible my older sister or my younger brother will have some use for it and if not, I can always keep it and sell it for a million bucks after Yonkoma Nuzlocke finally turns into the worldwide phenomenon that it is clearly destined to become eventually. Right? You'd pay that for it, right?
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Giovanni's plans didn't account for the most deadly weapon of all... laziness.

And Calluna, the nightmares about whom set this little sub-plot in motion. Ever noticed all the dead female characters in YN (why are there so many?!) keep saving the lives of others, even post-death? What's up with that?
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A classic way to fool the parent, make them worry about you.

If I can bring it back to the Smurfs for a moment, they were actually, now that I think about it, my first drawing inspirations. I used to draw lots of Smurfage when I was a little kid (though "draw" is an overstatement in this case) and I remember that was when I first took a deliberate, concrete inspiration from something - specifically about how I draw ears and hands to this day. It's not exactly the same of course, but I think it's recognizable even now - especially when my characters have their arms just hanging down (like Cathy in the second panel here), because then their hands become 100% smurf hands, look it up. I use it quite often because of how comfortable I am with this particular way of drawing them by this point. So yeah, my "art" owes a lot to those blue Fairy-types.
And again, their newest movie is awesome.
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She didn't choose it; it chose her. Don't cross her, she owns pillows.

As is often the case in YN, Makomo the Musharna bears the Japanese name of a very obvious Pokémon character. Effort is for important characters, right? She only saved the day.
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YN is back after a little bit of a hiatus and we immediately dive into what the comic is all about... which is reference posters.

Also have some Cathy fanservice...? Why are the Runner siblings the ones who offer lame near-nudity scenes in this comic?
@Fujimoto: That was horrible, thanks for the alert. Should be back to normal now.

@Everyone: By the way, work has been super hectic lately, thus the lack of updates, but I remember YN and am working on it. Updates will resume in early August, I swear. Thanks for being patient with me.
@PossumFlavored: Oh crap, this is a Nuzlocke, that's right! ^^ I forget at times as well, no biggie.

As for the hover-comment... Are you perhaps confusing "canon" with "cannon"? All I said is Christianity is now officially part of YN's lore, it exists within the YN world. Didn't mean to make any commentary or anything, as tempting as it could be. I'm a Christian myself - one you just might put under the "messed up" category depending on your perspective.
@up: Typos. My immortal enemy. It's now fixed, thanks.
Oh, that Bright Powder is gonna save Pi's butt, isn't it. Such a clutch item in Nuzlockes.

I have to say though, THRASH? You're using a lock-you-in attack in a Nuzlocke? That's more guts than I'd expect out of Pi.

I like how Pi's Trainer Card has been issued before time begun and is valid for all eternity. I choose to believe that is not a mistake, that is exactly how it was supposed to be.
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Thanks, Bianca, for the foreshadowing all these chapters ago. Indeed, Musharna can do that, don't they. Show people illusions of their dreams - or nightmares? Giovanni may have killed Calluna, but he didn't rid himself of her. Is it wounded pride? Is it conscience? Who knows. Whatever it is, it was a perfect distraction and would've been his end if it wasn't for the meddling Archer and his pesky... archer.

Coming soon to the YN Channel, a new sitcom "The Runners: My Dad Married a Terrorist!". It's wacky fun for all the family.
Seriously though, I love the idea of marriage being motivated by something different than just feelings. Society and media has put in all of our minds the idea that "being in love" is the only viable reason for marriage - but I think a decision to protect, help and support another person for one's entire life even without romantic feelings for them is very much admirable. Of course it's give-and-take like with every (non-abusive) relationship, but still.

In case it isn't obvious enough, Pokémon attacks are less effective on humans than it would appear at first glance. There's a reason Rockets resolved to daggers and actual bombs, instead of Honedge or Electrode. For example, being struck by Thunder the move is painful, sure, but less lethal than being struck by thunder the actual thunder. Of course it's still perfectly possible to kill somebody with a Pokémon's attack (see: Ivan, Blaine's assistant), but just one arrow from a Decidueye should be manageable, don't you worry.

R.I.P. Zeus, everyone's favorite little taser.

♪~Comment if You care, follow if You fancy~♫
Patreon Shoutout: Meta-Akira, the First Financially Facilitating Fan!


Giovanni may have killed Calluna (or did he?), but that doesn't mean she didn't have him on the ropes. And yes, what you see there is a Flygon beating a Garchomp. You're welcome.

I know you've been dying to find out more about the Runners' family situation ever since I revealed Doug and Cathy aren't blood-related, instead being step-siblings, so rejoice, here's your first piece of information. An agent of a secret police married a member of a terrorist organization for whatever reason and took her daughter in as his own. Tale as old as time...?

Meanwhile somebody went Alolan on us and evolved from Ground to Ghost? Or did she have a secret Lucky Chant Oddish as well?


Three. Hundred. Pages. I was pretty surprised when I made it to one hundred and couldn't really believe it when I hit two hundred. This new milestone has me absolutely confuzzled and baffundled, but once again I have all of you to thank for reaching this astonishing number. Your readership, votes, comments - both admiration and critique - is what encourages me and keeps me going when life tries to make me give up. Here's to another hundred pages - and though I'm saying that now, my jaw is still gonna drop to the floor when we get there...
The next page is a BIG (#300 when did that happen?!), so you know this is gonna cause absolutely no problems whatsoever.

And yay, we have our first Patron already! Once again, I'm too grateful for words.
Now, I promised all who sponsor YN a thank you under every strip, but do let me know if this format is too intrusive and annoying. I imagine it might wear out its welcome after a short while, so I'm considering doing such an in-page strip for every new Patron, while keeping the repeated thanks in these here Author's Comments... Or maybe there's yet better way to do it?
@Meta-Akira: Woah, really? You're awesome, thanks a lot! I'll contact you about the reward in a little while, stay awesome!

And yeah, every name is unique in fiction. I was actually wondering if "Catherine" would actually bring to your minds Cathy, since she's such a minor character that doesn't do much... or does she?