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Let's just say I'm one of those lucky ones that didn't grow out of Pokemon.

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Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
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Comment on #232 - Despair of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 23 Apr 2016 06:43 am
The photo revealed - and I can pretty safely say none of You guessed it right. Way to assume it was a love interest.

Daisy isn't dead! She's just lying on the floor!
A reference that's oddly specific for being completely accidental.
Now go watch all three seasons of Working!!, because it's literally the funniest show ever and is incredibly intelligent with how it handles its comedy. It's hilarious and inspiring! I can't recommend it enough.
Comment on Cover X of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 23 Apr 2016 06:43 am
Watch out, Gary! She's changed her clothes for this, she's prepared!

Fittingly enough, chapter TEN (wow, really?) is going to be really awesome. Unless I really mess things up. But I've been waiting for this part of the story even more eagerly than for the S.S. Anne bit. Prepare for twists and turns and the most intense Pokémon battle yet as the coolest characters of YN clash against each other with all they have.


Erika's the traitor?! When Gary returns to Pallet Town, he finds his family betrayed by the very one who was to protect them! And while Daisy seeks an explanation for her best friend's actions, Gary is ready to take her down. But can Erika, said to be the strongest of the Gym Leaders, be stopped when fighting at full force? What secrets is she still hiding? And what grave mistake is Gary about to commit?

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Comment on #231 - Sister of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 23 Apr 2016 06:43 am
And a new chapter begins...
Comment on #230 - Dark [Big] of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 17 Apr 2016 04:47 am
So am I supposed to tag this comic as "tragedy" now, or...?

Seriously, I have no idea if Blaine is more sympathetic or despicable. I also don't know who's the more tragic figure here, him or Sabrina. Or Brom. Or Ivan. Dagnabbit, this is supposed to be a comedy comic, why does everyone have a sad backstory?!

Expect Oak's Elemental Theory to come back every once in a while. It is a yet unexplored, but really major part of the YN lore. Let's hope we don't have more Fire-types among our human cast, am I right?

♪~Comment if You care, follow if You fancy~♫
Comment on #229 - Responsible of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 10 Apr 2016 03:33 am
@flareon71: Wow, how did that happen? Fixed now, thanks for the alert.
Comment on #229 - Responsible of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 09 Apr 2016 03:49 am
@flareon71: That was my way of pointlessly misleading You guys. The chapter is named after the number of Xerneas and opens with a miraculous survival...? But nope, nothing to do with the legendeery.
Comment on #229 - Responsible of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 08 Apr 2016 03:03 am
#716 turns out to be... just a big number.
Too big.
Too many numbers came before it.
Blaine, what did you do?
Comment on #228 - Presence of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 08 Apr 2016 03:03 am
No better way to lift a girl's spirits than to make her angry, right? It's either that or Gary sucks at reading the mood.
Comment on #227 - Kidnap of Yonkoma Nuzlocke: Fire Red
eworm, 08 Apr 2016 03:03 am
Gary + Sabrina VS Erika...? Should be interesting.
Comment on Page #1 (part 2/2) of Nautical! An Omega Ruby Not-So-Nuzlocke
eworm, 05 Apr 2016 03:31 pm
This comic is ADORABLE. I love the bright colors, the big, round and expressive eyes, the shading... It's all lovable and has successfully sucked me in. Now just keep me invested with the characters and plot ^^

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