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Childish INTJ storyteller. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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I guess... there are some things even Mewtwo can't do...

If you recall, Sabrina has vowed to regain her eyesight and even decided not to cut her hair until she does. But here we have it - it's not happening. Even Mewtwo can't restore her vision. I've been rather vague about her inner conflict thus far, suggesting that she just wants "respect" despite her height or that she wants her eyesight back - but I hope it is now clear that it's not just about that. Gary was way off in his assessment on the previous page - Sabrina would love nothing more than to be "ordinary" and she is far from proud of her powers. But she's been trapped in a loop of needing her ESP due to the suffering her ESP caused. It has caused her to become visibly "abnormal" - short and blind - even when she's not using her powers at all, and don't get me started on her luck with... parents. She hates her powers, but she needs her powers... and will always need them.

So if that late title drop felt like a sentencing to you... yeah, it was meant to. I don't usually use my comic format itself for dramatic effects like this, but I ain't missing that good of an opportunity to really punctuate the point. And yes, this three-parter has a clear "title theme". Is Sabrina a "Blind little girl"? Is she a "Monster"? Or maybe...?

I teased you how the trio visiting a grave would be important later on... Well, this is pretty much their purpose realized. They have unknowingly taught Mewtwo a little thing about a certain human tradition and the meaning behind it. And you know what mutually understood symbols and meanings allow for? Communication. Mewtwo can actually be "talked" with, who knew. Doesn't speak though... which kinda reminds me of someone, but I can't quite put my stinger on who...

Next time on Yonkoma Nuzlocke's Shipshipping Month: Gary... dies?
Stay tuned for the finale on May 30th!

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@ParaFox: No, this is the first time Brom met Seatrice. He didn't even know he had a living family - like you said, all he's ever known is Oak's lab.

@Meta-Akira: Well, you assume Mewtwo is particularly interested in Sabrina... Maybe so, but for now it seems like she's the interested party, no? The reason Mewtwo is here shall be slightly hinted at on the next page - for now, just don't rule out the possibility that this meeting was pure coincidence.
Nice going, you two, I name this "Shipshipping Month" and you immediately decide to actually have your first genuine fight and split up. Let's hope you can get over it quickly, because this Mewtwo customer doesn't mess around. Neither does Sabrina, but does she stand a chance with her Pokémon defeated?

If you remember the last time we had a three-parter, you might notice that Sabrina's team has changed slightly since then. We've met Novina the Delphox already, but when she was fighting Erika's Trevenant army, she was accompanied by a Mr. Mime, not present here. And the reason for it... To be perfectly blunt, I just didn't think a Mr. Mime would fit this fight. Its claim to fame - that is, walls and barriers - is not something Sabrina could hope to overpower Mewtwo with. A Pokémon with a defensive theme (as inaccurate as it is in the games, because in-game Mr. Mime has the bulk of a wet tissue paper) had to take a back seat in this case. It also gave me the opportunity to draw new mons. That's the Doylist explanation. The Watsonian one? Sabrina is free to swap her Pokémon around whenever she wants; don't question her choices or you're getting the Lava Cookies treatment.

Breaking the monthly theme, we also have a brief moment with Brom and... his mother! What do you know, apparently Blaine's horrific experiments had their share of survivors (partially thanks to Mr. Fuji) and Seatrice here ("sea-a-trice", not "sea-trice" and definitely not "seat-rice") was among them. We'll come back to these two later in the next chapter, but their sub-plot's introduction in this three-parter is not thematically unfitting as you will see soon enough.

Next time on Yonkoma Nuzlocke's Shipshipping Month: Mewtwo... speaks?
Stay tuned for May 16th.

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@Meta-Akira: I know I'm the one who has just announced Shipshipping Month, but it still hilarious that it is indeed the ship people are commenting on, rather than freakin' Mewtwo ^^ He's the common denominator behind almost everything in the comic - and yet. Should I be proud of my work on these two or worried that the main plot is too boring? Or maybe I should worry about being in the same camp myself?

@ParaFox: Wow, long time no see. Glad you enjoyed coming back - and even glader that you missed my own "distancing". Hope you'll have fun riding this train(wreck) of mine and remember the age-old rule: ♪~Comment if you care~♫ ^^

It's pretty freaky to think that this comic has been going on for so long that my readers can actually have "grown up" and be quite different people than when they started. Of course this applies to me and the comic itself as well, but man, we've been at it for a while!
...actually just Mr. Fuji in a costume!

Nope. Making his first real appearance in the story (all the prior ones were flashbacks, remember?) is Mewtwo! Better stop bickering, you two, because this is going to be one hell of a wild encounter. We have three dangerous Psychic types clashing... What is going to happen?

Prepare yourselves, my Yonkies, for Shipshipping Month! A three-parter that starts on May 2nd and will, coincidentally, last the entirety of the month - focusing on Gary, Sabrina and Mewtwo. This is not the Pokémon Tower subplot you know from the games (big surprise), so stay tuned for Chapter XII's big finish!

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Choose the interpretation you agree with.
Careful though - one of them makes you a shipshipper!
Just kidding, both do.

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Ah yes, the Shoefog family. Very important characters, I assure you. They're gonna play a big part in the future.
I know you're desperately trying to somehow figure out whether I'm kidding or not. You can never tell with me. I could outright tell you right now that these are Sabrina's real parents and you still wouldn't be able to tell if I was lying. Feel free to hit me with your best hypothesis about these three in the comments. Are they actually N, Zoroark and Zorua disguised with the Illusion Ability? Was Darwin the brother of Giovanni who died trying to warn the League about Team Rocket? Is this little girl actually the current Pokémon League Champion, inexplicably? Or maybe they are actually nothing more than three random NPCs (stands for "non-plot characters")? Everything is possible when eworm's the one driving this mess!

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You might think it's the same old, extremely tired, we're-sick-of-it scenario of Gary making Sabrina mad with a height-comment and her reciprocating with violence, but let me assure you, it is very different...
This time we're doing it in the Pokémon Tower.

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Contrary to what he'd like Doug to believe, Koga ain't gonna murder his daughter's crush in a jealousy-induced fit. He is gonna freak out about it though.
And yes, Anzu, a ninja, just told her father, a ninja, not to sneak up on her, while she was sneaking up on Doug.

Notice: The next update is going to be followed by a [Big] page yet again. I have decided to move the pre-BIG break to this next week instead, for Easter. Expect more YN on April 25th, followed by a [Big] page one week, rather than two weeks, after that.

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I'm usually not that blatant with my foreshadowing, but this particular subplot has been going on for ages, so I might as well give you a small hint. The glasses, I've hinted at it before (#294 ), are important. But that's not enough to figure out the mystery, so see you in another three hundred pages or so.

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I have mentioned it twice now, so I guess sketchshipping is officially on the table.

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But the new font aside, hey, it's our favourite... sleepyhead?

Some say all my female characters are too hyper and tomboyish, but against such accusations I will forever use Erika. Only Erika. And I'll pretend that she alone completely makes things even. Just kidding, I'll simply turn Sabrina into a meek and quiet yamato nadeshiko for no reason and call it a day.

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@fggytgff345: Only one way to find out, brother. For both of us.
The impossible explained, Koga outsmarted, Soul Badge obtained (it took almost four years!), Anzu enamored and the readers (hopefully) surprised. That's what I call great success.

"We have already won", remember? That was not an expression of confidence - that was a statement of fact. Koga was already disqualified at that point. He straight-up cheated. This possibility was hinted at when he hand-waved the issue of 1-on-1 battles not being League-legal. Rules are not that big of a deal for this guy, apparently.

I do like that Koga knows his reputation precedes him - and uses it. He's such a poison master that he can poison the opponent even without poisoning them! But I like Doug's own improvised trick even more. Turning the foe's trump card (the smokescreen) into your own is such a classy trope and he barely had to do anything really. It was enough to just give the two commands at the same time and bam, suddenly Koga ruined himself.

<img src="" align="center">

But we're not even half done with this chapter's "impossibles". See you April 11th with another shocker.

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Wow, I think this is the first time I've been disappointed with an April Fools joke.

Because holy molly, having Pi (and N perhaps) transported to an illusionary world where they don't have to play their respective hero roles would make for a WONDERFUL character trial right before the big climactic showdown(s)! As I was reading it, I was absolutely delighted to find out how far was too far, how much of the world would have to burn before they snapped out of it. I could only imagine the shock and horror on their faces when they finally return to their senses and realize there's a part of them that would gladly abandon everything and everyone they love for some peaceful ignorance. A painful lesson, yet a powerful motivator.

Sure, the lyrics were kinda barely matching in places and the romance came out of nowhere, but it worked well enough since it was a crazy illusion and they were bound to become two "outcasts" in a sense, alone together, each as the only one understanding the other.

Dang, now it's not gonna happen and I'm sad. Maybe you should drink heavily (pretty sure that's how this happened) when coming up with some legit story ideas too.
You thought the Elemental Theory was the extent of my psycho mumbo-jumbo? Think again, buster brown! At last, I get to reveal the Pallet Town Triforce. The general idea behind Doug, Gary and Daisy is the Sinnoh trio of Knowledge, Willpower and Emotions respectively. Knowing, doing and feeling.

Daisy's strong suit is the Emotions. Despite being a whacko, she instinctively knows others' needs and helps them in her own twisted ways. She semi-raised Gary, gave Doug the journey push, not to mention her relationship with Erika. However, her weak point is the Knowledge part. Being so attuned to what others feel, she kinda assumes that's enough, that she doesn't need to learn much about others. She never dug deeper into Erika's past and we've seen in Chapter X how their otherwise great friendship was briefly in danger due to that. Daisy also straight-up ignored Sabrina's attempt at revealing her backstory.

Gary's main strength is the Willpower. When he cares, he's the man of action, ready to rush in and save the day. He helped rescue Doug at Mt. Moon, he actively requested a bodyguard for his family, he aims to become a Gym Leader and after the S.S. Anne incident he immediately did whatever he could to chase down them main suspect Erika. For crying out loud, he kickstarted this entire comic! However, he is weak in the Emotions department. Contrary to what it often looks like, he is not the suave, cool guy. He loses self-control in the most emotional situations and just falls back onto his default mode of "do something and do it right now". He completely fell for Erika's trick and almost burned her alive.

And finally, Doug. Were you to reread the comic with the theme of Knowledge in mind, you should notice many little moments where Doug showed to be not only learned, but also analytical and observant. He would've noticed the "NOT R" flower. He "diagnosed" Brom back on page #152, he was also the first to realize Vang's coaching potential, he even properly deconstructed and explained his own past crush on Erika for crying out loud. He's the thinking type through and through. Like, if he had a webcomic, he would use the comment section to go into long-winded rants about the themes behind his characters' personalities and whatnot, what a tool. When Gary was going berserk, Daisy was confused, Erika was faking and professor Oak was a Cacturne - who was it again that busted in with some actual deduction and facts to immediately defuse all the built-up tension? Doug's weak Willpower makes him struggle with actually using his talents properly, but now that he knows where his strengths lie, he's gonna (hopefully) make me eat all those jokes about how un-protagonistic he is.

There's also the three "stages of development" these three are in: Gary < Doug < Daisy. Yes Doug is ahead of Gary, blasphemy. But here's the thing. Gary began seemingly flawless, but his issues are now starting to reveal themselves - as in, only now. Doug started out aware of his issues and has been working through them all this time. And of course Daisy already had some of her biggest issues resolved at the beginning of the comic and even resolved the next one in the same chapter in which it revealed itself. Because of course she did. She's Daisy.

Anyway, enough of this unnecessarily deep exploration of characters - see you April 4th for the battle's conclusion!

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@Miyto: You must be confusing YN with some other comic? Steen is a Beedrill. He can't talk and has some lingering psychic power around him (both due to Mewtwo), but he's absolutely a Beedrill.
Pea's Protect better be how Pi wins against Ghetsis.

I'm kidding, we all know it has to be BIANCA'S FREAKIN' STICK!
And so begins the struggle [insert chapter title here]. Say, I think one of these counters under the strip title might move as a result of this battle. Let's hope it's the right one, huh. As in, the left one. The right one would be the left one. Right?

Next time: a [Big] page! And guess what? To celebrate Yonkoma Nuzlocke's big comeback we ain't taking a break! That's right, just this once a [Big] will come without the typical delay! It's my comeback gift. Cherish it. God knows it's been long enough as it is since the last badge, am I right?

See you March 21st for Doug's fourth Gym Challenge and some character development for... Uxie?

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Face it, if Gen VIII introduced a "scary bee" Pokémon named Abhornet, you wouldn't find the name weird at all. It's the kind of pun that'd fit right at home in this series. In fact I want a Bug/Dark mon named Abhornet now, legit. After all, Gen I had Beedrill and Gen IV had Vespiquen, so Gen VIII needs a bee Pokémon to set a new, totally not coincidental "bee-every-four-gens" pattern (Naganadel doesn't count). Do it, Sword&Shield.

There's a reason why Anzu reacted the way she did to Doug's pun, believe me... Don't ask me to explain it with an Anzu Lenzu panel though. I mean, I totally could, of course, but... Well, I mean, it should be obvious enough, right? No, you're the one who has no idea!

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