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Childish INTJ storyteller. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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@Miyto: You must be confusing YN with some other comic? Steen is a Beedrill. He can't talk and has some lingering psychic power around him (both due to Mewtwo), but he's absolutely a Beedrill.
Pea's Protect better be how Pi wins against Ghetsis.

I'm kidding, we all know it has to be BIANCA'S FREAKIN' STICK!
And so begins the struggle [insert chapter title here]. Say, I think one of these counters under the strip title might move as a result of this battle. Let's hope it's the right one, huh. As in, the left one. The right one would be the left one. Right?

Next time: a [Big] page! And guess what? To celebrate Yonkoma Nuzlocke's big comeback we ain't taking a break! That's right, just this once a [Big] will come without the typical delay! It's my comeback gift. Cherish it. God knows it's been long enough as it is since the last badge, am I right?

See you March 21st for Doug's fourth Gym Challenge and some character development for... Uxie?

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Face it, if Gen VIII introduced a "scary bee" Pokémon named Abhornet, you wouldn't find the name weird at all. It's the kind of pun that'd fit right at home in this series. In fact I want a Bug/Dark mon named Abhornet now, legit. After all, Gen I had Beedrill and Gen IV had Vespiquen, so Gen VIII needs a bee Pokémon to set a new, totally not coincidental "bee-every-four-gens" pattern (Naganadel doesn't count). Do it, Sword&Shield.

There's a reason why Anzu reacted the way she did to Doug's pun, believe me... Don't ask me to explain it with an Anzu Lenzu panel though. I mean, I totally could, of course, but... Well, I mean, it should be obvious enough, right? No, you're the one who has no idea!

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
I'm pretty sure "shipping" means "repetitive gags", right? You know, like Gary pissing off Sabrina and getting sent flying? Or Doug completely misinterpreting Anzu's misinterpretations? That's all you need to create romance, right?
... somebody's gonna miss the sarcasm in that statement and post an angry comment. Don't worry, if I ever actually decide to go somewhere with any ship, you will get much more than running jokes.

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Guys, I drew this strip way before February 27th. I totally predicted Pokémon Sword with that "iron blade" line and didn't even know it.

As demonstrated by Oliver, fourth-wall breaking allows you to see the future now. My powers are evolving.

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
I swear I only realized while drawing this strip that Doug's clothes are different whenever he undergoes a Gym challenge. The Pewter Gym saw the classic "Tauros Bait" look, Misty fought the black "you look weird" Doug, Surge's challenge had the current (hopefully final) version and now Doug gets temporarily ninja-fied before fighting Koga. I did not have that pattern in mind when I Raskal'd him, a complete coincidence. Now I'm tempted to do something like this before the next Gym too, though I probably won't... get to the next Gym before dying of old age, that is.

See you March 14th when we face Koga's most horrible weaPUN.

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When the games remove the Gyms for almost an entire generation and Yonkoma Nuzlocke still has a longer break between two Gym badges than that. And I'm talking like a waay longer break. This is not a joke. This is real. Kill me.

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Must be pronounced, of course, with the most tryhard, obnoxiously heavy pseudo-Japanese accent you can muster. AN-ZOO REN-ZOO!

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Huh. Doug and Gary, our two protagonists (I've come to accept Gary is one as well), both have four-letter names in this four-panel comic. I never realized until Koga and Anzu came along. Sabi almost counts too, right?

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Don't worry about being late, piyo. You're not alone. And you still had a shorter hiatus, heh ^^'

But yay, we're back! And immediately we get cool Gym Leaders' assembly (except for the triplets, why would they deconfirm the theory they're the Shadow Triad and yet not explain this?) to serve as a post-hiatus reminder, lucky shot.

And I guess Pi's mother finally emerges from the realm of "elsewhere online mentions" to once and for all prove her strength. That's neat.

The International Police get a mention, neat. Somehow, they're never important enough despite sounding very much so, but at least we can not pretend they don't exist.

Must be really stocked for Sword and Shield, huh, you medieval junkie you.
So I know you probably missed it, but Generation VIII begins this year. The world looks very much awesome, the starters are once again extra neat and random encounters are still here, but most importantly, most importantly - Hoothoot does not get a regional variant. Come on, guys, no snow owl version for a cool region? Game Freak, stop dropping all your coolest ideas after one game!

Team Grookey, though Scorbunny looks very fun too with its white color, completely unusual for a Fire type. But being the scared, timid one, Sobble is obviously gonna evolve into a powerhouse, probably a Water/Dragon, why not, reptiles are pretty much dragons in Pokéworld. I'd be fine with that, as long as Grookey gets Grass/Rock and Scorbunny Fire/Electric. Fat chance, but let me dream.

The hype is real.
In conclusion: I'm indeed a filthy liar. Reboot? Ha! I'm no Hollywood and I respect both myself and you, the readers, too much to tamper with the classic instead of creating new content! Yes, I have plenty of gripes with YN, some parts of it cause way more cringe than I'd like, but equally as many parts still make me laugh. It's all part of my history and the overall growth visible throughout, ups and downs both, I will always look at fondly.
Also, I want to eventually finish this thing, believe it or not. Look forward to the Champion battle featuring that one Fairy/Cement Pokémon, you know, the one from Gen XIV.

Anyway, why did I lie to you? Well, for many purposes. For one, I thought drawing several "alternate" strips from the past would be a nice way to remind you of some of the characters and plot points - and again, I had some of these jokes haunting me for a while anyway, especially the Stakataka one. This was a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. But I was also genuinely curious what your reactions to a "reboot" news dropping would be. Surely, many of you would get disappointed and pissed to see such a long-running comic scrapped and restarted, right? Well, apparently you didn't, which was a shocker. You either have too much trust in me or you secretly rejoiced that the thrash was going into thrash ;) Too bad; starting next week we're continuing where we left off!

But first, there's one more little thing...

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
If you need a refresher, the first joke continues this bonus strip. The irony struck me as soon as the Ultra games were announced and then Let's Go just forced me to mock it.
Here's a little something for my fellow Let's Go fans.

But the main dish here, of course, is the magnificent spoiler. As if Daisy's insistence on Erika not being evil throughout the entire chapter wasn't enough, I literally spelled out the twist for you. It was right there. Go back and see for yourselves - it's so blatant once you notice! I was super hesitant until the very last second whether or not to keep it in. You can call me evil all you like, but you have only yourselves to blame for that one., was that a risk worth taking, AHAHAHA!

♪~Comment if you can't even, follow if you fell for it!~♫
This wall joke has been haunting me since Stakataka's reveal and is the true reason behind this entire reboot thing. I just had to get it out of my system.

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
And so begins Yonkoma Nuzlocke's totally legit and real reboot. Also, we're Nikoma Nuzlocke now, two panels.

As you can see, this is gonna be drastically different from the previous version. I mean, what the heck is officer Andy doing in Pallet Town instead of Pewter City, am I right? You are all asking that question, right?

♪~Comment if you care, follow if you fancy~♫
Thank you everyone for the shockingly numerous and intense expressions of joy and encouragement. I did not expect to be welcomed back this warmly, especially with the reboot thing. I hope to meet and even surpass your expectations come February 28th!

For clarity's sake: the updates will proceed as per the old schedule. That means four strips (or one BIG) every Thursday, except with a weekly break before every BIG and after every chapter end. I've struggled with it somewhat in the past, but that's because I had no consistent drawing schedule and I was always drawing what I had to upload next. This time, I have the time meant for YN clearly set and I'm more aware of how much I can draw and how fast. Also, I am already drawing ahead to keep myself safe in case of the unexpected. If you're worried about all the hiatuses and delays I've made myself known for, rest easy that I'm going above and beyond to avoid them from now on.

Also, I'm not opening my Patreon back. There's nothing I would love more than to make a living (or even just some extra money) drawing YN, seeing as it is indeed my "passion project", but only after I establish myself as consistent enough will I even think about thinking about anything like that.

By the way, I have only just now found out that Pi&Pea's Adventures has also been on a similar (albeit shorter) hiatus and is also making a return this month. Truly a "sister comic", isn't it! You might remember it from all the times I've sung its praises in the past, or the cameo extra I've drawn for them or strip #341 which Pi drew for me... Make sure to keep an eye out for her return as well!

Oh yeah, last thing: I was permanently banned from the Nuzlocke Forums. This happened a long time ago, probably around the time the hiatus begun, so I forgot to mention. No use looking for YN there, I'm afraid. I mean, the discussion thread might still be there somewhere, but I won't be able to join in, so it's probably no use reviving it.
Not sure about the Extravaganza (I think runs from outside the forums are allowed, though I'm not sure?), but YN is not exactly deserving of winning anyway. The next one is almost a year away, too. Still, just giving you a heads-up.
Boom, shakalaka, it's a comeback-a!

I apologize profusely for the giant hiatus. Many of you probably assumed Yonkoma Nuzlocke was dead and you wouldn't have been that far off. In the past, whenever life forced me to take a break, I would always say "I have never given up on YN" upon my return. Not this time though - because this time, due to many circumstances I won't be getting into here, I did indeed gave up on YN for a while. I came to terms with the fact it would finish as yet another incomplete comic on the world wide web, that my readers would forever be left hanging... And I learned something I should have known all along.
I have learned that it wasn't the feeling of obligation or even my perfectionism that was really driving me to keep drawing. It was the simple fact I love this thing. These characters, this plot, this humor, these crappy drawings even.
I have learned anew that I want to draw more of YN.

So now, after over a year, it's coming back. And there's a Donphan in the room to address.

Reboot. This was not an easy decision and I imagine it might be an unpleasant surprise for many of you. Really, do we have to go through the 365-pages worth of stuff again before we get to new developments? But don't despair. I will do my best to make catching up as quick as possible - and many of the story points will be changed enough to hopefully not feel like rehashing. That's part of why I deem a full reboot necessary - I need to straighten out the plot and add/change many elements that I have realized in hindsight need to be added/changed. And the first strips are gonna be very telling as to how the reboot is gonna progress, so I urge you to consider at least checking out the February 28th update and then deciding whether you'd stick with me for the rest of the ride.

I am very interested in hearing your perspective on this whole thing, so comment down below and feel free to ask any and all questions about this whole thing.

Yonkoma Nuzlocke returns in a month, folks. Finally!
@Ren: That's the correct spelling. You've been living a lie.
Sorry about this, need some time.

In other news, I've closed my Patreon. Not fair taking any money when I'm not providing content.

Hope to be back as soon as possible.