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@PossumFlavored: Oh crap, this is a Nuzlocke, that's right! ^^ I forget at times as well, no biggie.

As for the hover-comment... Are you perhaps confusing "canon" with "cannon"? All I said is Christianity is now officially part of YN's lore, it exists within the YN world. Didn't mean to make any commentary or anything, as tempting as it could be. I'm a Christian myself - one you just might put under the "messed up" category depending on your perspective.
@up: Typos. My immortal enemy. It's now fixed, thanks.
Oh, that Bright Powder is gonna save Pi's butt, isn't it. Such a clutch item in Nuzlockes.

I have to say though, THRASH? You're using a lock-you-in attack in a Nuzlocke? That's more guts than I'd expect out of Pi.

I like how Pi's Trainer Card has been issued before time begun and is valid for all eternity. I choose to believe that is not a mistake, that is exactly how it was supposed to be.
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Thanks, Bianca, for the foreshadowing all these chapters ago. Indeed, Musharna can do that, don't they. Show people illusions of their dreams - or nightmares? Giovanni may have killed Calluna, but he didn't rid himself of her. Is it wounded pride? Is it conscience? Who knows. Whatever it is, it was a perfect distraction and would've been his end if it wasn't for the meddling Archer and his pesky... archer.

Coming soon to the YN Channel, a new sitcom "The Runners: My Dad Married a Terrorist!". It's wacky fun for all the family.
Seriously though, I love the idea of marriage being motivated by something different than just feelings. Society and media has put in all of our minds the idea that "being in love" is the only viable reason for marriage - but I think a decision to protect, help and support another person for one's entire life even without romantic feelings for them is very much admirable. Of course it's give-and-take like with every (non-abusive) relationship, but still.

In case it isn't obvious enough, Pokémon attacks are less effective on humans than it would appear at first glance. There's a reason Rockets resolved to daggers and actual bombs, instead of Honedge or Electrode. For example, being struck by Thunder the move is painful, sure, but less lethal than being struck by thunder the actual thunder. Of course it's still perfectly possible to kill somebody with a Pokémon's attack (see: Ivan, Blaine's assistant), but just one arrow from a Decidueye should be manageable, don't you worry.

R.I.P. Zeus, everyone's favorite little taser.

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Patreon Shoutout: Brooke Weston, the First Financially Facilitating Fan!


Giovanni may have killed Calluna (or did he?), but that doesn't mean she didn't have him on the ropes. And yes, what you see there is a Flygon beating a Garchomp. You're welcome.

I know you've been dying to find out more about the Runners' family situation ever since I revealed Doug and Cathy aren't blood-related, instead being step-siblings, so rejoice, here's your first piece of information. An agent of a secret police married a member of a terrorist organization for whatever reason and took her daughter in as his own. Tale as old as time...?

Meanwhile somebody went Alolan on us and evolved from Ground to Ghost? Or did she have a secret Lucky Chant Oddish as well?


Three. Hundred. Pages. I was pretty surprised when I made it to one hundred and couldn't really believe it when I hit two hundred. This new milestone has me absolutely confuzzled and baffundled, but once again I have all of you to thank for reaching this astonishing number. Your readership, votes, comments - both admiration and critique - is what encourages me and keeps me going when life tries to make me give up. Here's to another hundred pages - and though I'm saying that now, my jaw is still gonna drop to the floor when we get there...
The next page is a BIG (#300 when did that happen?!), so you know this is gonna cause absolutely no problems whatsoever.

And yay, we have our first Patron already! Once again, I'm too grateful for words.
Now, I promised all who sponsor YN a thank you under every strip, but do let me know if this format is too intrusive and annoying. I imagine it might wear out its welcome after a short while, so I'm considering doing such an in-page strip for every new Patron, while keeping the repeated thanks in these here Author's Comments... Or maybe there's yet better way to do it?
@Meta-Akira: Woah, really? You're awesome, thanks a lot! I'll contact you about the reward in a little while, stay awesome!

And yeah, every name is unique in fiction. I was actually wondering if "Catherine" would actually bring to your minds Cathy, since she's such a minor character that doesn't do much... or does she?
Look at that girl, flirting with the Rockets who tried to kill her step-brother, all while her cop step-dad (dressed as a woman) watches. You're reading this comic willingly, let me remind you. What is wrong with you?


Let's address the elephant on the poster - Yonkoma Nuzlocke has a Patreon page now.

The reason I'm doing this is two-fold. Firstly, I have recently started working (about time) and when I tried to donate a tiny sum to one of my favorite artists, I was pretty disappointed to find out they did not have a Patreon or any such easy way to donate. I doubt anyone was dying to throw money at Yonkoma Nuzlocke and praying day and night for me to create an opportunity for them to do so, but hey, there are weirdos out there.

The second reason is the bad news - I'm being regularly swamped with other responsibilities and if I were to earn even the tiniest amount by drawing Yonkoma Nuzlocke, I'd have easier time justifying drawing another strip over doing one of the other things. To put it in the simplest possible terms: if time is money, then money is time and YN needs more of my time.

All of this does NOT mean that I'm asking for financial backing, nor does it mean I think YN deserves any, nor does it mean I actually expect any, nor does it mean YN won't continue without any. The things will remain as they were - the Patreon just means that if at any point you feel like wasting some money, you have one more option to do so. Feel free to check the lame rewards I can offer, but feel equally free to ignore all of this. Doesn't make you any less of an awesome fan.
Lorelei is fast. Maybe too fast... Oops...
This game's more than awesome enough to make crime bosses forget about their plots.

I like to think Giovanni is extremely proud and tries to find things to brag about in literally everything he does.
Viridian Gym, under Albert's management, is a place trainers can freely come to and train themselves. With a chance to receive valuable tips from an experienced Gym Leader. Would be a shame if all those students turned out to be villains, huh.
Thanks for the lengthy comment. I apologize for how OBVIOUS it was that Erika was the traitor, but I couldn't think of anything good to conceal the truth behind ^^

Thanks a lot for complimenting my English. It is indeed not my native language, hence the little mistakes and typos that keep making their way into YN, but I'm glad it's perfectly understandable.

As far as tragic backstories go, I can definitely see your point of not wanting to see a lot of those - I myself am not that huge of a fan - but I strongly disagree with one point in particular you make: about this being out of place in a comedy comic. I cannot agree with this, because it is exactly being able and willing to make fun of those backstories that I think redeems them. The trope being taken 100% serious does indeed get unbearable like you said, but I actually enjoy when a tragic past is allowed to be mocked every once in a while.

Which is what I try to do. When Hinagiku's death is brought up, Doug will most likely make an over-the-top painful face and sob - not turn around with a dead-serious expression and mutter he doesn't want to talk about it. Later in this chapter we can see Sabrina starting to open up and reluctantly mention the tragedy from her childhood - only to be completely ignored and cut off by random silliness. Many people claim comedy is build on tragedy and there's a lot of truth to that... So what better foundation to lay down than a tragic backstory? A tragic backstory for everybody; come all, come all, we have plenty for everybody! And we're gonna ridicule all of them!

And yes, Mewtwo is an important element in most of the characters' individual stories, glad you picked up on that.

As for the more frequent updates, I WANT THEM EVEN MORE THAN ANY OF YOU, I'M DOING WHAT I CAN
Yes, that's a disguise that works for like four different reasons. It's way more clever and less random than it looks.
Ah, yes. One of comedy's oldest classics, Bugs Bunny would be proud.

And yes, a Breath of the Wild reference. I'm getting personal here, you have been warned: I have recently started WORKING for the first time in my life, part of the reason why it took me a long time to get back to YN, and let me tell you, earning your first money is indeed a special experience. And considering my limited Zelda history (loved Minish Cap and The Link Between Worlds but get quickly bored and/or annoyed with Ocarina of Time remake whenever I pick it up), it's rather surprising that my very own paycheck I have decided to use for buying the newest 3D Zelda game. Before I even got the console, that I'm getting with my second pay.
And what exactly made me spend my money in such a surprising way? It wasn't any review, it wasn't any trailer and it wasn't any gameplay channel - it was this here awesomeness. I kid you not, this video made me hyped for the game in a matter of minutes when the entire Internet hyperventilating with hype for months couldn't grab my interest in the slightest. "Open your eyes" indeed!
Oh boy, we have four legendaries on the cover, this chapter is going places.


While Doug, Gary, Daisy and Sabrina were busy discovering secrets and hatching plans in the Celadon Gym, what have other leaders been up to? Prepare to find out in Chapter XI! With Giovanni's false identity discovered, will he go down when challenged by Albert and Henry Runner? Will officer Mayumi force Lilith, the only captured member of Team Rocket, to spill any valuable information? And what will be the result of Lt. Surge's eye-to-eye meeting with the legendary Pokémon Zapdos? Unbeknownst to our heroes, Team Rocket's plans are advancing at an alarming rate and some of Kanto's defenders are about to be caught right in the middle...
What happened here...? This random reporter with no further role or skills will find out.
@Meta-Akira: Well, somewhere along the way Daisy was supposed to call it a "Solrock Syndrome" or a "Solrock Sickness", since alliterations are cool. In the end I don't think I've used those phrases (though I still might in the future), but Solrock stayed. Also, Lunatone has more syllables, so it would be less "convenient" in most cases anyway.

And considering we've seen a Solrock in the comic already (under the ownership of Brock), suddenly dropping a phrase like "Solrock Alert" had a tiny chance of making you look for some connection there. Confusing you, it's what I live for.
@Jet: Well, yeah... Riza is right there on her shoulder, her eyes pink with psychic powers...
I thought this chapter would never end, but here we are - still without the Rainbow Badge. Good job, Doug.
Wait, who's that in the water?

Chapter X finally ends. The longest one of all, by a large margin.
Forget four-panel jokes, here's four one-panel jokes to wrap up the chapter.

Knowing me, the random narrator is gonna play a big role in the story and get tons of character development.