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Childish INTJ storyteller. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Yes, I created a second account to ask a question. Last time I checked, that's not immoral. I deleted it after getting my answer.

And I'm not one to needlessly argue in the comments, but switching topics completely just in order to find a "gotcha" of any kind is not something people with sound arguments for their case do, just saying.

If you want to discuss my take on genderless Pokémon (doesn't seem like you do), feel free to comment on that, specifically. I'm gonna remove further comments of yours that aren't actually comments on the comic, fair warning.
If you want to have a conversation about trans issues (also doesn't seem like you do, actually), PM me on the SJ forums.
If you want to yell at a guy online to make yourself feel like a hero standing up for hypothetical victims of an imagined crime - find some other place for that, please.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Nice chuckle you gave me there, but do let me know if you ever crawl out of your own "everything's offensive" hole - maybe we'd be able to have a chat.

I don't think you know what "genderless" means. Can't exactly be a different gender than your sex if you have no gender at all. At least calling out people you know nothing about without even attempting a reasoned conversation and calling their non-political creations garbage for purely political reasons makes sense... oh wait.
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@Murp: Bug is not weak to Poison. It was in Gen I (and Poison was also weak to Bug), but that hasn't been the case since Gen II.
At this point I could pretend to have actually planned that Tail Whip joke as foreshadowing from the start and you would've believed me. Yeah, no, it was indeed just a joke, but hey, maybe in-universe it is indeed a result of Blaine's experiments, who knows? Maybe Doug will, after all, beat Lance's Dragonite with Tail Whip, who knows?

Next time: A very... different BIG; October 10th.

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Initially I expected Seatrice would be a dark, brooding, cynical, broken-by-the-world kinda character. Then I did with my own expectations what I do with all of them.

She's pretty fun to draw too, surprisingly. And it gives me a chance to practice my Blastoise before Brom finally... dies as a Wartortle. Or evolves, one or the other...

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This is her amused face.

I used to be so proud of that Oddish misdirection, you guys. I was thinking that would be the biggest shocker to the readers, the whole "how did we not realize?!" moment. But by the time that was explained, the Surprise Reveal Threshold had been raised way too high for it to compete. No biggie though, because the OOPS joke landed and it's one of my favourites too. Probably top 10, if not top 5 even. What are yours?

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"I don't want you to hang out with this ruffian Vang anymore, young man!"
"Mom, I wish"

Here's some Borderline Autism Trivia for you:
The first time we saw Seatrice, as a hint-hint silhouette, was in the 02.02.2017 update. And since this here strip is the first time we actually see her, I figured that's easily the largest time gap between introducing a character and showing them proper... right?

The first time we saw Calluna, as a faceless corpse, was on page #050, the 03.03.2013 update. And though she obviously doesn't have a proper "appearance" to follow, being dead and all, her face is shown properly for the first time in Albert's little flashback on page #251.

Calculating... Calculating...

2 years, 9 months and 16 days for Calluna
2 years, 9 months and 22 days for Seatrice

How froakin' close is that?! It's a big enough coincidence that they were both first hinted at on the "day = month" dates, but this is downright astonishing. Although Calluna wins by a landslide if instead of the face reveal, we use the name reveal.


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@Murp: I'm not sure, but it's the same place where Haunter's arms are. I think Rayman might now, ask him.
We're in.

This was intended as a very "light" BIG, seeing as the last standalone one was #230, almost two hundred pages ago - though that one was neither light ('cause it was heavy) nor light ('cause it was dark). This is just Doug and Anzu beginning to sneak around by securing a pair of Rocket uniforms. But there's actually quite a lot I've managed to squeeze in here, hopefully without making it too dense.

Harpan. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying he's gonna be a bit more important than just any random Pokémon. This much I think the page has made clear enough. Trivia for you - he's based on a Nuzlocke capture, much like some other mons I've given to various characters - most notably Zaiji the Graveler and Spott the Flareon, not to mention Sakura the Oddish. Venonat has always been a fuzzy favourite of mine and I look forward to more of his stupid haiku. Hopefully I'll remember to make strip #575 all about him.

Didn't find any specific mention anywhere of Skrelp being able to spit ink like Horsea, but it does know Smokescreen from birth. You know, the move which uses, quote: "smoke or ink", to blind the foe? I assume it must be ink in Skrelp's case, as that makes way more sense and it doesn't learn any gas-based moves either.

I do not condone the use of recreational drugs, but I suppose we do have characters inhaling powder on page four-twenty. A coincidence, but here it is.

And yes, to nobody's surprise Doug is a Normal type. Anzu's opposite, the element focused on the future, the possibilities. More info on the dedicated Elemental Theory page, as usual. Seeing as Normal is the Pokémon type that features such shifters as Eevee, Ditto, Smeargle, Castform, Kecleon, Sawsbuck, Meloetta (also half the Fairies before Gen VI), just to name a few, it was quite obvious to me that "potential" was the way to go. While not an inherently "incomplete" type, Normal sometimes ends up as a springboard for different elements - so hey, who knows; Doug might find himself shifting by the end of the comic?

Shock and outrage! Lilith, what are you doing?! Ariana is our one semi-ally in the Rockets' midst, you couldn't have pointed that thing at literally anyone else?

<div id="commentcenter">THE CAST | ELEMENTAL THEORY
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September 17th, 2019
Interesting choice to have Erika, the character based on Japanese ideal of fair-skinned beauty, be the one that gets a... "tan"?

I don't mind going against the canon designs in some ways, but this is pretty much the first time this comic has done that (aside from giving Brock eyes) and immediately it goes against the very "idea" behind the character...

Was there a reasoning behind this change?

This is a minor "complaint", mind you. This comic thus far is syncredible, even if the whole talk about souls and hosts and dimensions sounds like... potential overcomplicating. But I'm no stranger to that myself, so benefit of the doubt.
@wedward45: I did, indeed, put them together for gags. But in my case, that only increases the likelihood it's going to end up being for real.
This is going to be very easy and absolutely nothing will go wrong. Take it from me - the most trustworthy author there is.

Next time:
September 19th
BIG page with ninja techniques
This is a haiku

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Haiku number two</div>
Oh, so her hair is down, big whoop, it's not like anything big happened last time we had... a big ponytail... come undone...

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The return of Mute Airlines, once again from Chapter IV. When Doug meets Team Rocket, this is what happens.

I know the comedic, four-panel format invites and kinda encourages simplicity (as do weekly updates), but I do enjoy getting to draw more complex panels every once in a while. This strip is probably the most "elaborate" one yet, with every single panel seeing three or more characters, both human and Pokémon, doing different things, in different positions, from different perspectives, interacting with the environment and each other... Sucks that it took way longer to draw as a result.

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Yes, it's a shiny Ariados. But it's not the Galarian Bug/Ghost Ariados, that I'm predicting is totally gonna happen, you'll see. I didn't tell you this, but my dad works at Nintendo.

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Remember these guys? The Malamar, the Nuzleaf and the Sableye are old faces from Chapter IV and the nostalgia is so real.

Back then, Malamar was a semi-spoiler for Gen VI, as it had just been revealed. This time we're awaiting Sword & Shield and believe me, I had to fight off the temptation to put a certain new someone together with these here... goons. But while Malamar's Dark/Psychic typing (especially considering the Bug weakness) and its canon description of being used by bad guys were relevant to the Mt. Moon showdown, in this case I'd have no such justification. So I'm gonna hold on for now. Be ready, however, to see plenty of Gen VIII Pokémon immediately after the games come out. And by "immediately" I mean after I return from my long trip to Galar.

Note: My apologies for the lateness of this update. Life. We should be back on track now though, so expect the next update on September 29th. Get ready for the [insert chapter name here].

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When I joke about something, it always turns out to be serious. Like Brom's violent outbursts or Zea's relationship with Zack to name just a few. This means Bill is gonna turn out to be a Rocket. However, when I hint at someone being a traitor, it's always a fake-out. Like with Vang ditching Zea at Mt. Moon or the whole thing with Erika. That means Bill is not gonna turn out to be a Rocket.
It's an eworm paradox!

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Parentless, check. A tiny, female, Psychic Pokémon companion with a design focus on creepy eyes, check. Experimented on by an evil scientist who then turns over a new leaf due to her influence, check. Given a new life meaning by a detective guy, kinda check (if we count SherlOak Holmes). Sometimes the word "coincidence" just sounds like a chuckle from somewhere really high up.

That's right, folks. When Sabrina fights Mewtwo on the roof of the Pokémon Tower, five of her Pokémon are named: Ableef the Exeggutor (from "absurd" and "leaf"), Leir the Meowstic (from "leer" and "ear"), Ogilvie the Oranguru (just a fun name), Novina the Delphox (from Polish "nowina", which means "new information" as befitting an oracle) and Eypik the Grumpig ("epic", "pig" and "pink"). Arrange them in this particular order and bam, you get two little secrets relevant to the situation at hand. Mind you, Sabrina's issues were only revealed two weeks after that page went up, making this, indeed, a hidden spoiler again or at least a clue.

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