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I like to draw, play video games, read manga/webcomics/fanfiction, watching anime, listen to music... drink tea?.... yeah. I also, really love the demon lord Ghirahim >8D Debbie ish de smex <3 he's just fabulous~

GhiraLink is my favorite pairing <3 I'm currently writing a Ghirahim X Link fanfic named "Your menacing smile", have 5 chapters ;)

So, I'm kinda addicted to Skyward Sword related stuff right now :D
Re-reading comic here :D

And Atsushi... "I'll never do anything that stupid ever again..." ...What are you saying? You always do stupid things lol xD sorry
I like all the pages so far, so that's great 8D you take your time, I'm just glad it's not dropped
January 19th, 2013
The second panel with the kiss is beautiful... nice comic
omg comment virginity! first! 8D

she really does look like Keiran XD

... is it bad that I ship the two new characters with each other now?
@Tty: oh, but I meant TAKESHIS's clothes :] I noticed that his shirt was lifted up XD hehe, tried putting my finger to cover the shirt after you said it... *nosebleeds with you*
@megami23: hey if it was a mistake, it was a good mistake! XD you know, I wouldn't exactly mind if he didn't wear the shirt in the next pages : D ... nekkeed pleease XD
:U SURPRIZE BUTTSECKS lol XD this is just perfect and Takeshi's undressing skills are amazing XD I noticed he suddenly has no shirt in last panel (which is great! nakedness :3 yum)

can't wait for the next page! : D this is awesome
oh I know something that requires body contact that will work juuuuust fine in this situation... ya know, being... naked... and all... hey, I'm a perv ok?! D8 I can't help but hope Naoll will attack him after he hugs him or something
nuuuu ;A; GO BACK TO YOUR ROOOOOMS!!! poor old men, they are going to die... and they look like such nice grandpas too D8 Lucky, you will witness a gory murder-scene again and probably get scarred for life (if you aren't already)... just saying O.O and your pajama is gonna get dirtied again
lol XD I'm like that right now! stayed up to late and now I'm hungry, but I don't wanna wake anyone up DX and can't fall asleep, meh! curse you hunger!

is that a picture of Bastian? who's holding it?
Huuuurrrraaaaaaay!!! 8D he's alive! Awesome! wonder how the others will react to him rising from the dead... Maybe Asrael will take an interest in him as in: "yay, a torture toy who will not break!" or something O.O ... well, I'm still glad he's not dead :3
No, Lucky don't do it! D8< how can you be so stupid as to think that would even work?! You're gonna get yourself killed, or at least hurt! and I don't think Oliver will be to pleased... wait, so maybe this is a good thing? uh, well I still think its stupid of you Lucky but sure, go ahead *waits expectantly to see what's going to happen to him*

oh and Lucky, you can't trust ANYONE at the murder-hotel.
mah poor little baby D8 you have nothing to feel sorry for, except for dying of course, so just WAKE UP AND LIVE and it's all forgiven! PLEASE! T-T I beg of you... uuuhhhhhhh, whyyyyyyy... Azrael, you shall pay for this! D8<

and of course we love him ^^ he's so lovable and cute
ghhhh wake uuuupp!!! D8< now! you can't be dead, you just can't, I- I don't want that ;A; uuuuugghhh

and Lucky, shaking like that and showing your FEAR... >_> NOT SMART (lol though you can't help it you lil cutie) but you newer show the object of your fear that you are frightened of them. AND it also makes it kinda obvious that you are hiding something :I

Ooooh O.O that. that one doesn't look very friendly... what's that in its mouth?

and @Zyephen I have to say, I'm in love with your icon! :D
ooohh, it's back! I love all the colors :D Tim is such a lil cutie
yaaaay!!! 8D finally!
OMG this is so sexay! *loves the legs panel* >q<
:U God Atsushi, I predict that you sure are gonna get a surprise in the immediate future, but seriously, YOU? TOPPING? Preposterous! I laugh at your foolishness, HA HA HA- ok I'm done XD

I bet Atsushi will freak out when a certain thing starts poking him LOL XD pff- then Takeshi can just say "Daaaisy~ CB<" and Atsushi will be like "Fffffffuuckk- OAO" and have no choice butt to accept it and take it like a man! and he will surely like it in the end anyway... I think XD

oh and I bet Takeshi wasn't actually hiding from ya Atsushi, he was just looking up how to gay a man up by researching all days and stuff, now he has learned all kinds of geii 8D and can play them out on you! congratulations buddie~