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is it just me, or does that say George under Kaun Miles? o-o it would explain why she knows so much about pewter
did atty and george already visit the muesum xD? in one of the backgrounds of an earlier panel it had all the fossils and him paying for the entrance xD
i think its just a purse. The Rival is too tall for her to be the one xD and if you look at the Cover for mokepon the rivals a guy o.o
is it just me or does George have a ton of pokemon? are they extra balls in the backpack, or pokemon xD if its the latter, then shes gt pro skills o.o defying the 6 rule limit
atty's looking abit worried xD his pikachu wants revenge for being ignored perhaps?
think that she still believes he an be as great as Ash?
poor guy D:
that middle beedrill just seems to be having a bad day xD
didnt atticus just do the job for them? but in a diffrenet way xD they want viridian forest to be gone, and at this rate, wont take long
epic reference
to ElectricMoron: Ender's Game references are never heard of, that's just awesome xD.
and i love seeing these poor bugs flail around on fire xD, this beedrill gunna be stomped out like caterpie?
i know
theres repel in his bag :D
No Tone :D
makes george actually look more like a girl o.o but atty isnt quite right without it x3
perhaps trix has a crush on atty :D? would at least explain letting him go