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I enjoy the quiet, humble life. I try and see things as connected to something larger and that keeps my mind connected and content. I'm very future forward and enjoy most things in life. I am usually by myself and I relate to the comic "Question Duck" as it, in my own premise, let's me see some fact on my own life, friends, family, and journey.

I enjoy being here. No matter how many times I say I don't enjoy being on this planet, I really do.
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I really enjoy how you drew this comic. I know it's old; But it's simply saying how As they both walk away from the light/white. It slowly is encapsulating their world, and they're slowly being censored by this blank. I feel that people don't understand life much anymore to be making laws..
Personally I enjoy how both of them reach for Question Duck in fear of losing him, Question Duck has become apart of their lives, and they cannot deny it..
I strongly enjoy how the duck screams a question as they run out in fear.
Arachnophobic here, I swear to god I would have a panic attack trying to run..
Space Marines, I hear one of our brothers need to know the speed of the Galaxy.
Our Galaxy is moving approximately 400 killameters or 900,000 miles per hour towards our fellow constellations Hydra and Centaurus.